Contactless Self-Guided Tours

Self-touring software for rental communities and for sale homes

Empower prospective renters and home buyers to continue the search for their next home without a leasing or sales agent present

  1. Prospect Tour Journey

    Prospects arrive and start their tour at their scheduled time utilizing access solutions for contactless community access.

Self-Guided Tours

SmartRent’s self-guided touring technology allows prospective residents and homeowners to safely tour communities and homes with no interaction from property staff needed. Over 60 percent of prospective renters are searching for self tours homes for rent on their mobile devices. Empower them to continue their search through our web-based self-guided tour experience. It saves time and money, providing the ability for prospects to schedule a tour when it is most convenient for them.

Our self-guided tour solution is hardware-agnostic, allowing you the flexibility to decide which access device type works best for your community. As a web-based solution, most users are not required to download an app in order to complete their tour.

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we have geolocation services for added prospect validation. Additionally, we have developed a strategic partnership with Engrain for interactive mapping capabilities.

Faster Leasing

With self-guided tours, multiple tours can occur simultaneously. This leads to more prospects, faster leasing and fewer vacant units.

Flexible Showing Hours

20 percent of prospects will choose to self-tour outside of regular leasing hours. Self-guided tours allow you to increase your showing hours without hiring additional staff.

Maximized Staff Efficiency

Without the burden of constant interruption for touring, leasing agents and property managers are freed up to handle higher priority tasks.

Actionable Data

Be aware of how much time was spent in units with real-time data. Follow up with prospects after their tour to push the leasing process forward.

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Fast & Easy Setup

We offer a quick onboarding process that allows a community to begin offering self-guided tours in as little as 48 hours. Contact us to learn how you can customize a DIY tour package designed specifically for self-installation and self-implementation.

The [SmartRent] system allows our customer to schedule and take an apartment tour with complete autonomy. Not only does this allow us to continue to do business in a safe and responsible way, but completely elevates our customer experience.

Kelly Johnson
Vice President of Marketing at MC Companies

Self-Guided Tours Hardware

Self-guided tours require a few pieces of hardware to ensure seamless access to your community. Locks and lockboxes are a vital piece of hardware that grant community and unit access to prospects. We also have Bluetooth-enabled locks that use mobile pass credentials. There are some devices- like sensors, video doorbells and cameras- that are optional add-ons.

Interested in learning more about SmartRent Self-Guided Tours? Speak with one of our knowledgable sales representatives by requesting a demo.