How Do I Use the Yale YRD256 Lock?

Your smart home may be equipped with Yale YRD256 lock. If you have a YRD256 lock, it is key that you understand how to use it. The YRD256 lock is completely keyless and has a capacitive touch screen, which means it has no buttons.


Unlocking the YRD256 Lock:

To unlock your YRD256 lock, follow these steps:

  1. Walk up to your unit’s door
  2. Put your hand over the face of the keypad to wake up the lock
    • The keypad will be off until you wake it up, at which point the keypad's numbers will become visible 

  3. Type your code into the lock
    • Your initial code should have been emailed and sent to you via text message. Check your email and/or smartphone to find your code
    • If you have not received your code, please contact us for further assistance. Contact information listed below


  4. Press the Check mark in the lower left-hand corner

Locking the YRD256 Lock:

To lock your YRD256 lock, follow these steps:

  1. On the inside of your home, turn the latch
  2. On the outside of your home, cover the face of the keypad with your hand