How Do I Use My Alloy SmartHome Electrical Heating Smart Thermostat?



Enjoy the benefits of remote control, cost savings, and energy efficiency with the Alloy Home Smart Electrical Heating Thermostat. The Alloy SmartHome Electrical Heating Thermostat is very simple to use, as it only has a few buttons for functionality and is heat only. The Up and Down arrows on the front of the thermostat will adjust the temperature and the buttons below the arrows will change the thermostat mode.


Controlling Your Alloy SmartHome Electrical Heating Thermostat:

To adjust Modes on the Thermostat: 

  • The sun icon indicates Manual Mode; this is the default mode and currently the only mode supported by the SmartRent Mobile App
  • The moon and star icon indicates Energy-Saving Mode (currently not supported by the SmartRent Mobile App)
  • The suitcase icon indicates it is in Vacation Mode (currently not supported by the SmartRent Mobile App)

Thermostat Tips:

  • The large number on the screen is the current temperature; if you press the up or down arrows, the desired temperature will blink for a few seconds and then the screen will go back to the main screen which shows the current temperature 
  • GFCI Error: When the GFCI reset button is pressed (accidentally in most cases), the thermostat screen will read GFCI, a red light may appear on the side, and the thermostat will not respond to changes; you can resolve this issue by turning off the thermostat (using the switch on the right side), waiting five seconds, then turning the thermostat back on


If the thermostat is not responding to commands when pressing buttons on the screen, check what Mode it’s in. If it is set to “Off” in the app, then the thermostat will not respond. To resolve this, flip the On/Off switch on the right side of the thermostat down and then back up. You can also turn the thermostat back on using the app.


Thermostat Schedules:

Schedules can be used to automate your heating and cooling system based on your daily routines. Because your HVAC system will only be running when you actually need it, Schedules can also help you reduce energy usage, and, in turn, help you save money on your utility bills.

Many thermostats allow you to program basic schedules directly into the device itself. However, to ensure proper functionality of your thermostat within the SmartRent, please use the SmartRent App to configure your desired heating and cooling Schedules. For instructions on creating Schedules, refer to our How Do I Set Up a Schedule in the SmartRent Mobile App? article.