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How Do I Use My Garage Door Controller


How do I use my Garage Door Controller?

If you have a garage door controller as part of your SmartRent system, you will see the garage door icon on your SmartRent app. Click on the garage door icon to Open or Close your garage door, view its activity, or edit the device name.


How do I view my garage door controller’s activity?

By clicking the menu icon on the top right on your Garage Door detail page you can access options for viewing garage door activity, managing garage door settings, or creating a schedule for your garage door. The activity page will display all of the Open and Close activities for your garage door along with timestamps.



Is my garage door compatible with Resident Mobile?

The Linear/GoControl Z-Wave garage door controller is compatible with a relatively large percentage of garage door openers that were manufactured after 1993. If your community currently does not support garage door controls, you will want to reach out to your community manager or our support team to see if Garage Door controllers are available to you.

Why is my garage door controller not responding when I am pressing Open/Close in the app?


This could be for a number of reasons. The garage door controller cannot receive commands within 60 seconds of each other. So please wait a moment and retry the Open or Close action. If the problem still occurs check to see the “state” of your garage door controller. If it is in an “Unknown” state, you may want to reach out to our support team for troubleshooting assistance.