How to Provide Access to Your Child or other Non-Lease Holder

We understand that while your children may not be listed on your lease, they still require access to your home. Unfortunately, according to federal law, we are not able to store information related to persons under the age of 18, but not to worry! We have several ways to ensure that your children (or other dependents not listed on your lease) have the access they need.


DISCLAIMER: SmartRent does not advise that you share any of your codes or passwords with anyone at any time for the safety and security of yourself and your home. If you feel that one of your codes has gotten into the wrong hands, you always have the option to update your access code and/or delete any of your guest access codes via the SmartRent mobile app assuming that your hub and lock are both online and functioning properly. If you have any issues updating your access code, please immediately contact our support team at [email protected] call us at (844)479-1555, or live chat with us in the SmartRent mobile app for further assistance.


Permanent Guest Access

The best option is to create a permanent Guest Access Code for this person. Guest Access Codes can be sent automatically via SMS text message and/or email. If this person does not have a phone capable of receiving text messages nor an email address, you can provide the code to them in person by showing the code to them in your SmartRent mobile app on your phone.


No Smartphone?

If you, the leaseholder, do not have a smartphone, you will need to work with your property manager to assist in the creation of a guest code OR you can simply share your personal code with your child or other trusted non-lease holder. Sharing access codes is not advisable by SmartRent and will result in a lack of attribution when it comes to your door lock's Activity Log. However, this can technically be utilized as a "last resort" option.