Smart Homes For The Modern Renter

We build enterprise software and hardware for today’s property manager and renter. Whether you develop, own, or manage apartments or single family homes, we are your smart home solution. We provide proprietary technology to give your existing property or new build a step above the competition.

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Screenshots of mobile apps

Property Manager Dashboard

Our cloud-based technology allows you to control all units in your portfolio with our mobile enterprise software. Whether you need to set a temperature schedule for all vacant units or grant temporary access to a vendor to complete work on a single unit, our technology makes it possible.

Screenshots of property management applications

Installation and On-Boarding

Learning from the experience of installing and maintaining tens of thousands of units from coast to coast in a wide variety of property types, we have designed and streamlined every step of the process for you and your maintenance team. In addition, we have a dedicated team to streamline integrations with your
property management system.

SmartRent Hardware

Our system is highly flexible and can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you want to pilot a basic system or provide a full suite of devices, the SmartRent system can make it happen. The brain of the system, also known as the SmartRent hub is the bridge between you and the smart devices in the home. Our robust hub is equipped with a combination of cellular, wifi, and z-wave technology that connects to hundreds of locks, thermostats, cameras, sensors, lights, and voice activated devices.

SmartRent hub

Resident Controller

Until now, smart home technology has been primarily available only for homeowners. We also built a simple, yet sophisticated mobile app specifically for renters to further enhance and complete their smart home experience.

SmartRent resident controller app
Cellular connections diagram

Cellular based. Works without wifi

The SmartRent hub contains a cellular modem which enables it to be controlled without a wifi connection, ideal for garden style communities and single family homes. Not only does this open a window of opportunity for owners and operators with this specific portfolio type, but enhances the installation process and keeps costs down as you do not need wifi for all of your vacant units.

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