How Do I Control My Smart Shades In the SmartRent Mobile App?

In the SmartRent Mobile App, you have the ability to remotely control your smart shades, set schedules, and monitor their activity. 


Controlling Your Shades:

To control your smart shades in the SmartRent Mobile App, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Shades on the home screen under My Devices
  2. To open your shades, tap OPEN
  3. To close your shades, tap CLOSE
  4. To adjust how open or closed shades, slide your finger along the adjustment bar from 1% to 100%

Activity, Settings, Schedules:

To view your shades' Activity feed, adjust Settings, or to set a Schedule in your SmartRent App, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your smart shades on the home screen under My Devices
  2. Tap ⋮ 
  3. To view your smart shades’ Activity, tap Activity 
    • This will open your Activity feed so you can see when your shades were opened or closed
  4. To view or update your smart shades’ Settings, tap Settings
    • This will open your device Settings and allow you to change the name of your smart shades
  5. To create a schedule for your smart shades, (i.e. closed my shades every night at 7pm), tap Schedule 
    • To make a new Schedule, tap +
    • Set the time and the days you want the Schedule to occur
    • Tap Next
    • Set what you'd like the blinds to do at the scheduled time (open or close)
    • Tap Done after reviewing your Schedule