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Smart home automation for renters and property managers

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Make your apartments smarter

The SmartRent platform gives property managers full control of locks, lights and thermostats in vacant units and common areas while providing a best-in-class smart home experience
for residents.

  • Smartrent mobile unit overview control panel for Property Managers
  • Smartrent unit overview control panel for Property Managers
  • Smartrent resident home control app dashboard showing the home's temperature, scheduled automations, favorite scenes and favorite rooms
  • Access Control
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Protection
  • Ancillary Revenue

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Resident App

Until now, smart home technology has been primarily available for homeowners. Our Android and iOS mobile apps are built using the best smart home principals with a focus on simplicity and sophistication to enhance the resident experience.

  • Access
  • Scenes
  • Automations
  • Energy
  • Schedule
  • Activity

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How it works

We have leveraged the best of existing smart home technology and built an enterprise layer over it so you can connect and control multiple properties from a single app. Our hub acts as the bridge between our cloud-based software and the locks, lights, thermostats and sensors in the units.

Illustration of hub connecting to smart devices and person computing devices
Illustration showing multiple smarthome hubs connecting to a cellular tower

Cellular Connection

Our hub is connected to the internet through wifi, ethernet and cellular, enabling the system to operate in areas where network infrastructure does not exist or need to exist. This powerful concept streamlines installation, reduces cost and provides control for every location in a community.

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    Seamlessly manage all the smart devices in your properties and units

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