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SmartRent is quickly expanding to 40 U.S. states and Canada because our apartment home automation platform is desired by the top multifamily owners, operators and developers. Join us in the smart apartment revolution!

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Community-Wide Access

Remotely monitor and control every door in your property from your phone. From the building entry and amenity spaces to the unit doors, our keyless system provides a seamless experience for residents, staff and guest.

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Asset Protection

Sensors play a key role in protecting your properties. Our platform can identify a variety of routine issues and emergencies, immediately alert the appropriate people and even prevent them from becoming catastrophes.

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Property Optimization

Automating and scheduling your climate, lighting and power using tools like smart thermostats and sensors not only saves you money and increases your bottom line, it enhances resident comfort and preserves your multifamily properties.

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Our Platform Ecosystem

SmartRent is proud to integrate and work with a myriad of property management systems, hardware manufacturers and industry associations. Collectively, we have brought the best-in-class features to your properties and are committed to keeping you and your customers at the forefront of technology.

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