Advanced Features

How to Integrate Google Home with the SmartRent System

What is Google Home Integration? 

The SmartRent & Google Home integration allows residents to use voice controls to update and control their connected devices.

What is Required for Google Home Integration?

  • Resident must have a Google Assistant supported device (Google Home Hub, Google Home Mini, Google Phone, etc.) and account. 
  • Resident must have a SmartRent connected device, be moved-in via the SmartRent system and have accepted and created a SmartRent account.

Connecting Your Home to Google Home

  1. Using the Google Home app on your phone, click add.   
  2. From the add and manage screen select set up device.
  3. From the set up screen select have something already set up? under the Works with Google section.
  4. Scroll to or search for SmartRent then select it.
  5. You will now be directed to login to your SmartRent account. This is the same account login information as the mobile app.  
  6. Read and authorize Google to control your smart home devices.
  7. Your accounts are now linked and you can use voice controls to interact with your smart devices!

Note: If you do not get the page to authorize Google, click done in the upper left, and then click on the SmartRent icon again from the search to authorize.


Click_Done.PNG                                           Click_Icon_again.PNG


What Can You Do With SmartRent & Google Home Integration?

With the SmartRent & Google Home integration you can request, ask, and update your smart devices including locks, thermostats and switches. 

All requests start with "Ok Google" or other custom commands if created.


Ok Google...

  • Turn the thermostat on/off
  • Set the temperature to 75 degrees
  • Turn up the temperature by 5 degrees
  • Turn up/down the temperature (turns up/down the temperature by 5 degrees)
  • Set the thermostat to heating/cooling
  • Set the thermostat to heat-cool
  • What is the temperature inside? (with the thermostat on)
  • What's the thermostat set to?
  • make it cooler/warmer
  • What’s the humidity for thermostat? or What’s the humidity inside?


Ok Google...

  • Is the <switch name> on? or Is the <switch name> off?
  • Turn on the <switch name> or Turn off the <switch name>


Ok Google...

  • Lock my door or lock <lock name>

Note: to ensure security, we do not support unlocking the door with voice at this time.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team via email at [email protected], by phone at (844) 479-1555, or live chat us in the mobile app.