How to Create a Custom Access Code

Creating a custom access code is an easy way for you to access your unit with a code that is easier to remember. Please ensure your hub and lock are online in order for the code to be added to the lock successfully. 

Note: This feature is only available if enabled by your property management team. Additionally, you will need to have an app version of 2.8.0 or newer in order to utilize this feature.


To create a new custom access code for your home:

  1. Log into the SmartRent app on your mobile device and tap on Access
  2. Tap on My Access.
  3. Tap on the Gear Icon on your access card.


  4. Make sure to read the rules and choose a compliant code. Your code can NOT have the same numbers in a row or use consecutive numbers backward or forward.


  5. Choose whether you’d like a 4-digit or 6-digit code.

  6. Enter your new custom pin code and select Continue.

  7. Test your new code by entering it on your door lock keypad.

  8. Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your personal access code.

If you have any issues creating your custom code, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions.  


If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team via email at [email protected], by phone at (844) 479-1555, or live chat us in the mobile app.