SmartRent Data FAQ

What kind of data does SmartRent collect?

SmartRent collects three types of data to ensure a positive experience as well as to enhance our customer support

  1. Information you or your property have provided about yourself, such as your email address to send you your registration link.
  2. Details you or your property have provided about your home, such as your address or room names you’ve assigned in the SmartRent app.
  3. Sensor data from devices connected to your SmartRent account. It also includes information about your device interactions and app usage.

For more details read our Privacy Policy.


What does SmartRent do with my data?

The data we collect is used exclusively to provide the best user experience. All device activity data (changed the temperature, or locked the door) is deleted after 30 days, with a full delete of all your created data upon move out. We do not sell any of your data to any third-party affiliates. Read more in our Privacy Policy.


How is my data protected?

The SmartRent service is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers maintained by industry-leading service providers. Data center providers offer state-of-the-art physical protection for the servers and related infrastructure that comprise the operating environment. These service providers are responsible for restricting physical access to our systems to authorized personnel. Learn more about AWS cloud security.


Where is my data stored?

All of your data is stored securely within networks compliant with AWS Cloud Security standards. Learn about AWS cloud security.


How does SmartRent keep my home secure?

We encrypt all data sent and received from the SmartRent hub using ciphers and TLS that comply with industry standards. Data that transports between your mobile device and our cloud based services complies with AWS Cloud Security standards.


How can I ensure my home is secure?

Here are a couple of key steps you can take to ensure access to your home via the SmartRent mobile app is secure and protected.

  1. Never share your phone with someone you don’t trust.
  2. Ensure a passcode or biometrics is used to login to your phone and/or SmartRent mobile app.
  3. Never share your personal access codes with anyone you do not trust.
  4. If you have any reason to reset your door code, you can easily do so from the SmartRent mobile app at any time.

Learn how to reset your access code.


What is the SmartRent hub?

The  hub is the brain of your new smart home. It allows you to control the smart devices throughout your home. It also allows your mobile app to communicate to your smart devices locally using a strong encryption method via Z-Wave technology. All communication with our cloud services is encrypted using ciphers and TLS in accordance with AWS Cloud Security standards. We support WPA/WPA2-AES security for connecting your hub to your WiFi network. Once the hub has established a connection to your local network, the connection to our services is initiated, the connection is encrypted, and your identity is authenticated and protected.