As users of SightPlan’s Work, Answer, and Inspect, you’ve already experienced how innovative technology streamlines business processes. SightPlan became a SmartRent company in March 2022, enabling an entirely new view of how easy-to-use smart home and property solutions can maximize your operations even further. Welcome home. We’re glad you’re here.

While our engineering teams are busy combining the industry’s smartest multifamily home technologies, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Hear from our CEO

We knew firsthand that SightPlan worked better when SmartRent was installed at the property ... so we had this unique inside knowledge that together the two platforms were much stronger."

Lucas Haldeman, CEO of SmartRent

Experience is our fuel.

While working as a multifamily operator, SmartRent CEO Lucas Haldeman was doing everything right, but felt stuck in a loop of operational inefficiency. He believed he could engineer success using smart technology.

Lucas founded SmartRent in 2017, rolling up his first-hand experience of industry challenges to create easy-to-use solutions that streamline operations.

Residents love smart. You will, too.

Smart solutions enhance the entire resident experience. A package delivered successfully. The perfect room temperature. Doors that open without keys. Finding a parking space without driving in circles. Smart living is a competitive advantage for your property.

In 2022, SmartRent's Self-Guided Tours freed up hundreds of hours for site teams to focus on other priorities around their communities. Our leak detection solutions also saved communities thousands of dollars in costly water damages.

We’re committed to your success.

You live and breathe multifamily. We do, too. There’s a lot to love in a $3 trillion industry focused on the development and management of apartments that evolve into beloved communities for residents to live, grow, and flourish.

Today, we are the global smart home industry leader, and we partner with 15 of the top 20 multifamily companies. We have hundreds of thousands of installed apartment homes — more than all of our competitors combined. We can save you time and money, and increase your revenues. And we’re just getting started.

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Have questions?

  • The merging of our solutions benefits you by enhancing integration. Our combined teams can now move faster in delivering the capabilities demanded by an evolving industry landscape. It’s not just about where we are, it’s also about where we’re going.
  • SmartRent has sales and account management resources throughout the country to help whenever you need it. We make it easy to connect with us directly from your mobile device, whether you prefer a self-service portal, chat function, email, or calling directly. You can also reach us 24/7 at 1 (833) 767-8736.
  • Using the SmartRent App, your teams have everything they need to complete tasks, access apartment homes, and communicate with residents, all from a single platform. SmartRent is also in the process of building a streamlined resident app to enhance the living experience even further.
  • Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to reach out to our customers who have transformed the way their communities operate. Learn firsthand what it’s like to go through an implementation, and how both operating teams and residents have benefited from the improved efficiency. We’re happy to provide references from some of the largest — and smallest — operators in the rental housing industry.
  • SmartRent solutions improve management efficiency, help attract and retain tenants, and provide critical data that yields best-case property management decisions.
  • SmartRent solutions help to streamline daily operations, combat costly staffing challenges, decrease repair and insurance costs, and lower energy expenses.
  • We begin with a Discovery process that’s all about you. During that process we will meet to learn about your preferences and needs, convene with your engineers to determine requirements, walk each property (no two are alike), and propose solutions that are customized by asset while also determining future scale. We are focused on a long term partnership that continues to meet your ever-changing needs.
  • The cost of your services will not change as a result of this merger. All SightPlan contracts will now be assigned to SmartRent. Future invoices will come from, and be in the name of, SmartRent Technologies, Inc.