Smart Home Automation Solutions

Smart apartments and homes

Remote management and control of smart home devices from one app

  1. smart lock and lock boxsmart lock and lock box

    Smart Locks

    Lock and unlock your door with an access code or through the app. Easily create and send access credentials to friends, family, and guests for keyless entry.

Smart Home Device Options for Apartments and Homes

A typical smart apartment or home is equipped with a hub, lock, thermostat and a leak sensor or two. Other devices that work with the SmartRent system include smart lighting and plugs, window shades, garage door controllers, doorbells, video intercoms, sensors that detect motion and unintentional openings, and so many more.

image of a variety of smart home hardwareimage of a variety of smart home hardware

Remote Management

Our smart home automation solution equips residents with one robust app that provides complete control and remote management of their devices and home settings. When a resident moves out, site staff can easily transfer the apartment or home from occupied to vacant, triggering a succession of automated actions. Through our software, communities can create their ideal "Vacant Mode" automations to have access codes removed from locks, work orders created for turn requests, and energy saving modes activated, like having the thermostat temperature adjusted and lights switched off.

Link Personal Ring Devices

Our mobile app makes it easy to connect your personal Ring devices for an even better smart home experience. Linking Ring devices lets users control and manage smart home devices all in a single place without having to switch between applications. See live views, Ring Ding & motion events, activity log and more from our mobile app.

Ring deviceRing device

Use Your Voice

Voice assistants are revolutionizing the home automation experience to provide an amazing way to interact and control smart home devices through the use of voice commands. We offer the ability to connect a personal voice assistant device. Ask your favorite voice assistant to turn on lights, change the temperature, lock the door, and more!

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Dedicated Support for Clients and Residents

Available 24/7/365 by phone, email or chat

Our customer support team is available day and night to ensure all questions are answered in a timely manner. We also have a robust library of support articles and resources available with easy to follow tutorials, how-to guides, app FAQs, troubleshooting advice, device details and more!

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