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We enable smarter living and working for everyone—using technology that’s purpose-built for multifamily communities.

Starting smart

We turned decades of firsthand experience in real estate into technology that creates multifamily communities site teams are proud to manage and residents are happy to call home.

We've been there

Our real estate roots run deep. As multifamily owners and operators ourselves, we were running our own communities. But we did it by relying on outdated technology that was mostly built for other industries.

There had to be a better way.

A smarter way.

A fresh idea moved in

Instead of trying to make general software and hardware work for our corner of real estate, what we really needed was one solution that could make all our smart home, property management, and operational tech play nice together. But that singular solution didn’t exist.

So we built one.

The SmartRent solution

That’s how the SmartRent platform—and its industry-leading integrations and open API—was born. We created seamless connections between the best hardware and software on the market. And we built them so they could grow with your business.

Then we created our own hardware, too.

Your success is our success

We’ve helped owners and operators centralize operations, trim overhead, and improve adoption rates of new tech. We’ve helped site teams boost NOI, save time, and reduce repetitive tasks. And we’ve helped residents feel more at home in their communities.

How can we help make your communities smarter?

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far

And we’re just getting started.


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Statistics as of March 31, 2024

Meet our multifamily experts

We have decades of experience managing properties & developing innovative technology.

Lucas Haldeman

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Stemm

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Auer

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Wyron Bobis

Executive Vice President, Operations

Isaiah DeRose-Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Jordan Hymas

Senior Vice President, Finance

Kristen Lee

General Counsel

Sarah Roudybush

Chief of Staff

Robyn Young

Chief Marketing Officer

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