Audit Management

Audit Your Bottom Line

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Quickly and reliably assess a community's financial accuracy through a simplified review of rent roll, deposits, resident lease files, and more.

Product Overview

What is Audit Management?

SmartRent’s Audit Management platform empowers owners and operators to conduct lease-file audits with greater certainty and efficiency, capturing a crystal-clear snapshot of a community’s financial viability. Plus, the data collected within the platform is extractable for further analysis and follow-up action.

Every detail matters when it comes to your community

Save time and frustration with a user-friendly platform that replaces outdated, manual processes with a modern experience.

Product HighlightsProduct Highlights
Audit lease files effortlessly

Compare current rent roll to resident lease files to uncover rental income and risk factors with exactness.

Count on true data

Identify variances in the review dashboard and quickly catch data-entry errors.

Create your own templates

Build and edit custom templates on the fly to match your process or meet HUD and Affordable Housing requirements.

Navigate with ease

Optimize your workflow with an intuitively designed platform.

Accurately assess where a property stands

Reduce risk by capturing community insights for compliance and reporting precision.

Assess your audit needs

We'll work with you to configure Audit Management to meet your needs.

Streamline your reporting process

Construct and edit form templates to match existing processes and meet due diligence requirements.

Training + 24/7 customer support

Get your staff fully up to speed on Audit Management and benefit from 24/7 technical support from SmartRent’s dedicated team.

Succeed together with smarter auditing

Assess ROI

Evaluate potential return on investment based on rent roll and lease file comparison.

Utilize demographic information

Evaluate potential value-add projects and the ability of your communities to fulfill needed rent increases.

Maximize audit processes

Reduce the time and costs associated with audits while still obtaining important details to make informed decisions.

Audit Management is life changing. I am thrilled with how the solution has streamlined the process for us. I cannot imagine conducting another audit without it.

Kandy Chicarell-Green,

Assistant Vice President


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Audit Management’s top features

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Reliable lease file auditing

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Community insights/demographics

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Flexible real-time reporting, syncing, and export

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Photo and video capture

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Efficient audit review dashboard

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Customizable and intuitive design

Harmonious integrations for uninterrupted workflows

Our solutions integrate with the most popular PMS and CRM systems. No need to master another software platform—stick with what your staff already knows.

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Let us help you operate smarter.

Experience SmartRent solutions in action for yourself and see how our technology can help you streamline operations, improve site team efficiency, and elevate the resident experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audit Management is well suited for various types of lease file audits, including move-in/move-out audits, compliance audits, health and safety audits, and quality-assurance audits.

Yes. SmartRent’s Audit Management is customizable, allowing site teams to build and edit templates on the go.

Audit Management is hosted on secure servers and follows the most rigorous industry-standard security protocols to protect user data. SmartRent never sells or shares any user data with third parties.

No. There is no limit to the number of team members who can access Audit Management.

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