Asset Protection Solutions

Protect your community assets

SmartRent’s asset protection solutions provide peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the longevity of your community. Reduce risk of damage with leak sensors and smart thermostats.

Our software is set up to notify you at the first sign of an issue, allowing you to act quickly and avoid damages and costly repairs. Our asset protection solutions include a variety of devices to assist you in protecting your property.

  • Smart thermostats and high-precision sensors monitor moisture in real time
  • Integrate temperature, humidity and flood sensors in one device
  • Reduce problems such as damp, mold and condensation
  • Receive real-time notification and alerts

Leak Sensors

Leak sensors are the first line of defense to protect your community against water damage. These discrete sensors can be placed under or near any appliance, such as sump pump, toilets, washing machines, dish washer, water heaters and sinks or anything else that may be susceptible to water damage. If a leak is detected, our Community Manager software automatically alerts the appropriate people for immediate action. Acting quickly is vital to avoiding extreme damage and costly repairs.

  • properties had leaks detected


  • average days to first leak detected


  • verified leaks detected


  • potentially affected floors saved


Humidity Protection

Another part of SmartRent’s asset protection solution is the ability to detect abnormal humidity levels and extreme temperature changes through the use of smart thermostats. This helps protect floors from warping and helps prevent mold from forming. Each property can determine set point thresholds specific to them for automated alert notifications.

woman using smart thermostat on wall while holding mobile phonewoman using smart thermostat on wall while holding mobile phone

Learn more about how SmartRent can help protect community assets through notification and prevention.