Protect your Assets, Get Peace of Mind

SmartRent helps you identify issues before they happen so you’re unsurprised by surprises and can respond with ease.

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Detect and resolve issues quickly

When it comes to your assets, visibility is critical. SmartRent gives you tools to keep tabs on your property so you can rest easy now and act fast when needed.

Minimize damage the smart way

Prevent damage before it happens with sensors that alert you to leaks, abnormal humidity, and extreme temperatures.

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Put asset status in the palm of your hand

Easily check the state of individual assets — or zoom out to see trends and patterns — all with a platform designed just for you and your maintenance team.

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Manage community access

Ensure only authorized people can access your community and areas within it, further extending the life of your assets.

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Integrate asset protection

Connect SmartRent to the most popular PMS, CRM and hardware platforms so you don’t miss a thing.

Ready for next-level asset protection?

See SmartRent’s solutions in action and learn how they can make your multifamily portfolio operate smarter.

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