Case Studies

SmartRent clients share their experiences

See for yourself why multifamily owners and operators selected SmartRent as their smart home solution provider

MC Residential

Self-touring Model Wasn’t Supported by Tech

When Kelly Johnson first started at MC Residential Communities four years ago, its properties were already using an early form of self-touring for all prospect visits.

Prospective resident using self-guided tours appProspective resident using self-guided tours app

We didn’t know how to sell to people anymore. There was no nurturing and no real customer service experience when customers were trying to find a new home.”

Kelly Johnson
Vice President of Marketing
MC Residential Communitites

Deels Properties

DEELS Properties Finds a Dream Partner in SmartRent

SmartRent provides the customer service, security and integration the owner/operator was looking for.

...we conducted numerous pilot projects in our apartment communities. In the end, SmartRent established itself as the provider DEELS wanted to move forward with on a widespread scale."

Noam Hameiri
Chief Strategy Officer
Deels Properties