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The Best in Smart Home Technology for Multifamily

Revolutionize the way you manage your multifamily communities. SmartRent's innovative smart home solutions are designed to elevate the living experience for residents while centralizing operations for owners and staff.

Browse our suite of industry-leading solutions to discover how SmartRent can help you take multifamily community management to the next level.

Build a thriving smart community around your vision

Minimize risk, maximize peace of mind

Safeguard your assets with our Access Control and Smart Apartment solutions. Our smart technology helps proactively identify potential issues, generate work orders, and simplify the inspection process.

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Recommended Solutions

Boost occupancy rates and shorten vacancy times

Reduce the time vacant units sit on the market and automate your leasing operations with Self-Guided Tours and Answer Automation. And with the help of Smart Apartments and Access Control your leasing team can speed up the move in/move-out process with the push of a button.

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Recommended Solutions

More proactive, less reactive

Channel your technicians’ efforts into essential repairs with our Work Management platform by automating work order assignments, emergency work order creation, and vendor access management. When integrated with Smart Apartments and Access Control, maintenance teams gain direct access codes, eliminating yet another operational bottleneck.

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Recommended Solutions

Shorter to-do lists, higher revenue

Manage your communities more efficiently while helping offset its costs. Our Parking Management and Community WiFi solutions can improve budgetary concerns by bringing in new revenue. Meanwhile, task-reducing solutions like Smart Apartments, Access Control, Answer Automation, Package Management, and Work Management ensure site teams remain focused on top priorities, not administrative tasks.

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Recommended Solutions

Leaner operations through high adoption

Minimize operating expenses by reducing overhead from home rekeying, unnecessary energy use, and unidentified water leaks with our smart communities solutions. We’ve specifically designed them  for ease-of-use so site team adoption remains high—and your overhead stays low.

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Recommended Solutions

Smart Apartments

Delight renters with state-of-the-art smart -home technology while empowering site teams to be more productive.

Safeguard assets with real-time alerts for leaks, temperature and humidity.

Ensure maintenance teams address repairs quickly with keyless access.

Move residents in and out with a click of a button.

Reduce unnecessary costs in vacant units with energy-efficient smart devices.

Access Control

Manage community-wide access with a cloud-based platform that makes life more convenient for residents and saves valuable time for property managers.

Provide flexible entry options for common and restricted areas.

Eliminate reliance on physical keys.

Improve community safety.

Enhance security with real-time activity logs.

Community WiFi

Offer reliable, high-speed internet connectivity for residents and staff alike. A connected community means improved efficiency and infrastructure.

Provide fast, reliable, community-wide WiFi.

Offer residents easy home setup in minutes.

Boost NOI and property value.

Benefit from automated user-access management.

Self-Guided Tours

Give prospective renters a self-guided tour experience that’s convenient, flexible and personalized—and give your site team the power to boost tour volume and occupancy rates.

Provide flexible showing hours and multiple tours simultaneously, no staff required.

Automatically verify ID and establish geo-fencing.

Easily set up with customized branding and messaging.

Access actionable data to optimize leasing efforts.

Work Management

Manage maintenance tasks. Repair workflows. Improve communications. Our work management solution makes site teams more efficient and keeps residents happy.

Simplify task management with a real-time, integrated, mobile-maintenance solution.

Track asset management with comprehensive inventory and service history.

Automate notifications to residents regarding service-request progress.

Export and analyze data with advanced reporting options.

Package Management

Transform any space into a modern package room using patent-advanced technology to deliver an improved experience for residents, site teams, and couriers alike.

Reduce time spent handling packages to help site teams increase focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Expedite package pickup for residents with laser and audio cues.

Offer a package tracking solution that fits any space and is agnostic to package type and size.

Provide a seamless delivery experience for couriers.

Resident App and Experience

Give your residents the ultimate smart-living experience through a convenient, user-friendly mobile platform.

Offer easy online submission of service requests.

Create energy-saving thermostat schedules.

Program time-saving scenes and automations for smart devices.

Deliver temporary, permanent and recurring access codes.

Answer Automation

Speed up response times, synergize maintenance operations and increase resident satisfaction through this powerful, AI-driven communication tool.

Automate cordial greetings, call-routing and on-hold marketing.

Recognize callers via PMS integration to provide a personalized experience.

Get calls promptly routed to the appropriate team member.

Mask team member calls with display of main community number.

Parking Management

Simplify parking management and mine untapped revenue with a modern solution designed for multifamily communities.

Eliminate duplicate parking data entry with PMS integrations.

Receive real-time parking-violation alerts via smart-parking sensors.

Visualize parking inventory through interactive parking-map technology.

Automatically assign parking spaces upon move-in.

Inspection Management

Enable quick and accurate assessments of unit conditions while giving staff the power to track tasks in real time.

Streamline property inspection processes.

Track and update costs for accurate budgeting.

Analyze and document inspection process using insightful reporting.

Create, edit and reuse flexible templates.

Audit Management

Improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and ensure compliance through a powerful tool that enables quick and accurate assessment of resident files and follow-up actions.

Audit lease files reliably and accurately.

Ensure compliance with full customization.

Track variances to identify discrepancies or entry errors.

Gather community insights with real-time reporting.

Experience the benefits of smart community operations.