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Improve Package Management with Smart Technology

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Turn what was once a logistical ordeal into a sophisticated, modern amenity.


What is Smart Package Room®?

Smart Package Room identifies, tracks and manages every package delivered to your community—and helps residents easily retrieve their packages with laser and audio prompts. From the moment a courier scans a package and places it in the Smart Package Room, our solution tracks the package using patented technology, keeping the resident informed of its whereabouts. Smart Package Room improves the resident experience, saves teams (and couriers) time and energy, and makes package room spaces more efficient.

Smart Package Room® is a registered trademark of Position Imaging, Inc. SmartRent has entered into a preferred reseller partnership with Position Imaging to bring this new package management innovation to the rental housing industry at scale.

Deliver a smarter package room

Simple and secure package delivery and pickup improves the day-to-day lives of couriers, site teams and especially residents.

Product HighlightsProduct Highlights
Maximize space with a customizable room

Smart Package Room offers 2-3x the capacity of lockers all while providing an agnostic solution that can accept any type of product from groceries and dry cleaning to tires and larger packages.

Automate resident communication

Eliminate the middleman with automated communications that allow residents to easily pick up packages on their own time — while ensuring a high level of security and oversight.

Provide 24/7 self-service access

Allow couriers and residents to access the package room at all times with advanced technology that monitors packages 24/7.

Simplify delivery drop-off for couriers

Easy and intuitive package entry increases system adoption rates and simplifies couriers’ operations while on site.

How it works: Simplified package management for all

Once you’re set up with our solution’s kiosks, cameras and shelving, package management becomes easy.

Courier delivers package

Couriers deliver packages using our mobile kiosks and easy entry systems.

Resident receives notification

When a package is delivered, the resident receives a notification to pick it up. That notification includes an access credential and visualization of the package’s location.

24/7 self-service pickup

Smart technology makes package pickup simple, with laser and audio prompts to help residents easily locate and retrieve their packages.

Smarter package management for everyone

Improve efficiency

Provide a seamless experience for couriers, site teams and residents when it comes to package delivery and pickup.

Minimize risk associated with package operations

Reduce any risk of lost items with smart package-tracking technologies.

Future-proof your communities

Set your communities up for success with a flexible and smart package solution that will grow with you.

"We made the right choice in picking SmartRent as our smart home partner. They provide the service and support we need while having an amazing, smart, innovative system that works as expected."

Noam Hameiri,

Chief Strategy Officer

DEELS Properties

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Smart Package Room’s top features

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Higher package capacity

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Agnostic to package size and type

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Advanced monitoring technology

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Easier and faster package pickup

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Better courier adoption

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24/7 access for residents and couriers

Let us help you operate smarter.

Experience SmartRent solutions in action for yourself and see how our technology can help you streamline operations, improve site team efficiency, and elevate the resident experience.

Frequently asked questions

Smart Package Room® is suited for various types of properties, including multifamily housing communities of all sizes as long as they have interior space and access.

Position Imaging offers 24/7 customer support for Smart Package Room.

Smart Package Room provides a secure package retrieval system with the only individuals allowed in the room being couriers, residents, and the leasing team. Smart Package Room securely tracks and manages packages and entry through credentials, cameras, and audio and visual alarms. Smart Package Room is hosted on secure servers, and SmartRent never sells or shares any user data with third parties.

No. There is no limit to the number of packages Smart Package Room can accommodate. There are also no restrictions as to the size or type of packages.

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