Smart Locks & Lockboxes for Multifamily

Secure, convenient apartment access is easy with the right smart locks. SmartRent integrates with a variety of brands and models, so you can customize access to your community.

Person unlocks a Smart Lock using their access codePerson unlocks a Smart Lock using their access code

Convenient security we can all appreciate

Automated move-ins

Move residents in faster with digital access credentials—automatically delivered to their phones on Day One.

Guest management

Give residents the convenience of creating temporary or permanent guest codes for friends, pet sitters, and delivery drivers.

Efficient maintenance

Eliminate the need for maintenance teams to visit the office for keys by automatically creating temporary access codes for units that need repairs.

Smart locks available from SmartRentSmart locks available from SmartRent

How to choose the right smart lock

The right smart locks give your team the convenience of remote access and efficiency of automation—all while reducing your operating costs.

Remote access

Convenient, efficient apartment access

The right smart locks enable access from anywhere. The power to lock their door remotely gives residents peace of mind and improves their experience in your community. Meanwhile, maintenance techs can get easy access codes on their phones, boosting their productivity and helping you centralize operations.


Save time and energy with automated tasks

Choose smart locks with Z-Wave technology, and residents and leasing staff can set the scene with one button. Unlock the door, set mood lighting, and adjust the climate—or build your own routine. It saves residents and site teams time, helps lower energy costs, and makes your community more sustainable.

Cost benefits

Reduce costs from key management and rekeying

Smart locks that use PIN codes and a mobile app for access can help you save money over locks with physical credentials like key fobs and metal keys. Staff are more efficient because they don’t have to manage keys, your team can handle lockouts remotely, and you don’t have to worry about rekeying when credentials are lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Smart locks can be more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective than traditional locks for rentals. Your staff won’t have to manage physical keys, you won’t have rekeying costs, and residents enjoy a more convenient lifestyle.

Smart locks are also critical for many other smart community upgrades, which is why many owners and operators invest in them early.

Incorporating smart locks in your apartment communities can make your team more efficient, reduce operating costs, and boost resident satisfaction. These benefits are the direct result of replacing traditional locks with smart locks in your apartment communities.

Minimal key management

Smart locks reduce the time your staff spends on key management. Instead of keeping track of a wall of keys that need to be handed to residents and maintenance staff, your team can remotely generate credentials like PIN codes and mobile access.

Smart locks that don’t rely on physical keys or key fobs can also virtually eliminate rekeying costs. Sure, residents can forget a PIN or lose their mobile phones, but generating replacement credentials is easy. Residents can even do it themselves with the SmartRent app.

Fewer repetitive tasks

Every site team has a list of relatively mindless tasks that keep your community running smoothly—like ensuring residents have credentials at move-in and maintenance staff can get into units that need repairs. But with smart locks, you can automate these tasks and take them off your site team’s plate completely.

Integrate smart locks with your PMS, and SmartRent will automatically send new residents credentials on move-in and revoke them upon move-out. Connect your smart locks with our Work Management app, and every work order will automatically contain credentials for the units that need attention.

More efficient leasing

Smart locks can decrease the time it takes to turn a unit by eliminating the need to rekey after each move-out. And instead of walking across the property to let prospects in and out of a unit, your leasing agents can focus on answering questions or creating personalized follow-up communications.

Because credentials are digital, you can even “show” units after hours by letting prospects tour your community on their own. Apartment hunters can check out the unit on their own schedule, which gets them to a decision much faster than waiting for the weekend or taking time away from work.

Better centralization

When staff aren’t onsite to manage and hand over keys, you have more opportunities to centralize your operations—which can lead to even greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

The key is combining smart locks with other proptech:

  • Add self-guided tours and access control to reduce the need for leasing agents on site.
  • Combine with mobile maintenance to help specialized technicians like plumbers and electricians service multiple local properties.
  • Integrate with your PMS to automatically create a Community WiFi login alongside access credentials.

Smart home locks replace traditional keys with fobs or cards, but most don’t need a physical key at all. Conversely, a lockbox simply stores a key or key fob for a lock you already have.

Both smart home locks and lock boxes allow you to give someone access to a home without being on site. However, lockboxes add another step in the process and don’t eliminate rekeying costs like smart home locks can.

These are just two of the brands that integrate with SmartRent and provide a completely seamless experience. Which device better suits your needs depends on the size of your community, your budget, and the features you want.

The Yale locks that SmartRent uses are smart home locks that do not require a physical key, so they eliminate rekeying costs. Residents can use them with the SmartRent resident app to access their homes with ease.

The Igloohome lock that SmartRent offers is a lockbox, and our clients typically use them with our Self-Guided Tours product rather than for in-unit resident access.

This keyless, touchscreen deadbolt lock is powered by z-wave technology. The Alloy Deadbolt was specifically designed for rental properties to enhance peace-of-mind and management.

Alloy SmartHome

Hardware designed for smart communities

Our in-house smart home equipment does it all. Build the perfect smart apartments with Alloy hubs, thermostats, and sensors. Fully integrate them with the proptech you already use, and control everything with a single app.

Solutions powered by Alloy

Access Control

Access control panels, readers and sensors optimize all facets of guest and visitor entry, from common areas to apartment homes.

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Smart Apartments

Smart locks, hubs, thermostats and leak sensors make it easy for owners to manage their communities while decreasing costs.

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Parking Management

Smart sensors paired with our software database help manage space alignment, streamline enforcement, and monetize guest or premium spaces.

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Self-Guided Tours

Strategically placed smart devices give prospects the freedom to tour a property when it’s convenient for them, effectively expanding leasing hours.

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More compatibility, more integrations

SmartRent has more seamless integrations than any other multifamily technology brand. That means more convenience and features, whether you’re building smart communities from the ground up or retrofitting older technology.

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