Bring Your Communities Together

Connect your communities' people, assets, and processes to create elevated living and working for everyone. Then run it all from anywhere in the world.

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Create meaningful connections

Keep your communities connected so you can scale your operations, drive additional revenue, and keep an eye on your assets from anywhere.

Timely IoT alerts

Keep an eye on your assets with leak detectors, smart locks, and smart thermostats so you (and your residents) are always up-to-date.

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Community-wide WiFi

Deliver fast, reliable, and simplified Wi-Fi across the community. Your teams can stay connected and your residents can stream, game, and work without limits.

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Operate from anywhere

You and your teams and your residents can stay connected from anywhere in the world with SmartRent’s cloud-based platform. Meanwhile, your residents can use their app to control their smart apartment devices from anywhere.

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Full integrations, all in the cloud

SmartRent’s integrations with the top CRM, PMS and hardware providers ensure your data and workflows aren’t interrupted.

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See SmartRent’s solutions in action and learn how they can make your multifamily portfolio operate smarter.

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