Smart Home Device Hardware

Browse our compatible and fully-integrated hardware options

We know one size definitely does not fit all, especially when it comes to outfitting homes with connected smart home devices.

We partner with many hardware manufacturers to offer a wide range of compatible options to suit any building or home style. You can visit our integrations page to learn more about all of our available software integrations and technology partnerships.

Smart Hubs

As the brain of your smart home, hubs connect smart home devices to our software, allowing users to remotely update multiple device settings from one app.

Alloy SmartHome hubAlloy SmartHome hub

Locks & Lock Boxes

View our selection of smart locks and smart key boxes for home and common area entry doors. With options for deadbolts, interconnected locks, lever locks and more, our solution is customizable to your community's specific needs.

lock box and smart locklock box and smart lock


We offer thermostats for all types of HVAC systems with programmable options, including forced air, radiant and heat pump.


Browse our selection of leak, parking, contact and motion sensors used to proactively monitor and protect community property.

  • Smart Plugs

    Alloy SmartHome plugAlloy SmartHome plugAlloy SmartHome plugAlloy SmartHome plug

    Smart Plugs

    Smart plugs are an easy way to add automation to lights, fans or other small appliances.

  • Switches & Dimmers

    Switches & Dimmers

    Upgrade lighting in apartment units and homes with our selection of smart switches and dimmers.

  • Readers


    Readers are an important piece of access control solutions. Browse our compatible selection of readers, panels and boards.

Contact us to learn about all of our compatible hardware options or request a demo to see our hardware in action.