Smart Home Solutions for Student Housing

One centralized system to manage access and keyless credentials

Automate the move-in & move-out process and never worry about replacing lost keys again with our smart student housing solutions

SmartRent offers smart student housing solutions using smart home automation technology. Our smart technology solutions will help reduce costs, increase safety, and create efficient access control & management workflows.

Smart Student Housing Solutions

Access Control

Maintaining keys for student housing can get difficult, especially during times of turnover when the school year begins or ends. Our access control solutions ensure only authorized people have access dormitories and other student-only areas. Our platform makes it simple to remotely reset codes on a lock when students move in or out, making a generally hectic time for student housing a little less chaotic.

Students are known to frequently lose or misplace keys and fobs. Smart locks and building access control help eliminate the need for key distribution. Administrators can remotely manage access credentials for students, staff and maintenance workers from one dashboard. Decrease your costs of replacing keys or change out locks when they are misplaced.

Community WiFi Solutions

SmartRent's WiFi solutions will provide increased connectivity of installed smart home devices without overburdening existing networks. Additionally, our WiFi solutions are scalable so you can add the option for students and staff to connect in common areas, or even use it as the main source for students to use in their dorm or on-campus housing.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Oftentimes, students living in on-campus housing are not the ones responsible for electricity bills leaving universities or owners to cover the cost. Our smart student housing solutions allow operators to configure baseline settings for thermostats to reduce energy consumption and keep costs down.

  • Increase Safety

    Increase Safety

    Students and staff want to feel safe in and around campus. Contact and motion sensors provide a peace of mind that you will be notified when something is out of the ordinary. Smart locks also provide a measure of safety that traditional keys cannot. At any moment, students or housing administrators can remotely update keyless credentials if needed.

  • Easy Management

    Easy Management

    During holidays and summer months (and covid), on campus housing experiences a drastic drop in occupancy. Empty dormitories and apartments are expensive to maintain, but fortunately administrators can save by utilizing vacant unit automation tools to ensure the lights and AC are not running up expensive bills while units remain empty.

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