Smart Tools to Manage Your Teams

Different teams need different tools. Unite your staff under a single ecosystem to fuel collaboration and create a satisfying work experience.

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Delegate. Empower. Streamline.

SmartRent’s hardware and software solutions form a technology tool set your teams will use to get the most out of your budget while making their workday more productive and satisfying.

React promptly to protect assets

Answer calls, receive notifications and respond to emergencies immediately to minimize potential damage while keeping residents safe and happy.

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Plan ahead, stay ahead

Remotely regulate thermostats in vacant units and schedule entry codes to keep apartments ready for tours, changing seasons, and maintenance.

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Manage the ins and outs

Streamline access to all gates, doors, and parking areas to optimize how people move through your communities — while maximizing safety and minimizing friction.

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Integrations that power optimized workflows

Integrate SmartRent’s technology with industry-leading hardware and software to exponentially increase your site team’s efficiency.

Ready for smarter management tools?

See SmartRent’s solutions in action and learn how they can make your multifamily portfolio operate smarter.

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