Self-Guided Tours
for Multifamily

As the market shifts toward a younger generation of future renters, it’s imperative that communities embrace technology in order to offer a wide variety of resources for prospective residents to view a property when it's convenient for them. Limitations in staffing and leasing office hours create a barrier for those looking to view a unit on their own time.

According to research, 84 percent of prospective residents use online resources to assist in their search before they even reach out to schedule a tour. And mostly, they have already made a decision based on online reviews, amenities offered, photos of the community or word of mouth. The last step is physical verification.

Offering self-guided tours is an efficient way to keep the prospective renter engaged in your community and turn a lead into a lease.

  1. How to Set Up a Tour

    Properties that use SmartRent software have the ability to configure and fully customize their self-guided tour experience. Give prospects detailed information your property’s amenity offerings, like the pool, gym, club house, laundry or dog park. This way, the prospect gets the full tour experience and doesn’t miss out on any important property features.

  2. Step 1

    Properties that enable self-guided tours will be given a code snippet that can be added to a property’s website. From there, a prospect that clicks on the “Tour Now” button will be directed to the tours app landing page that has been pre-configured in the Community Manager portal.

  3. Step 2

    Prospects can view available units and details like bedroom and bathroom count, price, what floor it’s on or if it’s ADA accessible. They can also select to tour more than one unit depending on how each property configures these settings.

  4. Step 3

    The most important part- scheduling the self-guided tour! The prospect can select to “Tour Now” or schedule a date and time that works for them. Parameters can be configured in settings if there are limitations on hours (i.e. self touring is only offered Monday-Saturday from 6 - 8:30 p.m.).

  5. Step 4

    A prospect will be asked to enter their phone number to begin the prequalification process. They will receive a text with a code that will be used to verify their number.

  6. Step 5

    After a prospect verifies their phone, they will be required to provide ID verification through driver’s license and/or optional selfie. If verified, they will be routed to their self-guided tour overview. If pending materials need a manual review, our support team will step in to confirm verification.

How It Works

  1. 1

    Smart Video Intercom

    Keep building entries and gates secured while still granting access to prospects and guests with smart video intercom technology.

  2. 2

    Interactive Map

    Prospects can view available unit locations and community amenities through an interactive map to help guide them through a property.

  3. 3

    Building Access Control

    Show off community amenity spaces while still providing security for staff and residents with access control panels and temporary credentials.

  4. 4

    Self-Touring Apartment

    Have prospects let themselves in to view a vacant unit with keyless entry and access codes.

  5. 5

    Lease Faster

    Prospects are pre-qualified so they can easily apply once their self-guided tour concludes.

Illustrated map of property

Benefits of Self-Guided Tours

The SmartRent platform enables communities to offer self-guided tours and easily reach the 60 percent of renters who are searching for their next home solely on their mobile device. Imagine a lead viewing your property online, filling out a prequalification form and receiving a text with access code information for their self-guided tour all within the same experience. SmartRent makes this possible.

  • Lease Faster

    Prequalify leads before they tour your property

  • Better Experience

    Interact with the prospect on their own terms

  • Increase Showing Hours

    Offer tours during non business hours

  • Actionable Data

    Know how much time was spent in units with data

  • Maximize Staff Efficency

    On site staff will have time for other tasks

  • Convenience

    Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry

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