Scalable Smart Home Community Solutions

Remotely manage & control your entire community from one enterprise-level dashboard

Our smart home community solution provides a holistic approach to what it means to be a connected community

What is a Connected Community?

A connected community is a “curb to couch” concept where an entire property utilizes a variety of smart devices and features that can be remotely managed to provide efficiency, automation, and ancillary revenue opportunities.

A SmartRent-connected community combines in-unit smart home technology with our access control system and smart parking platform that can be managed remotely using our core software platform, SmartRent Manager.

Community Manager Software

Our software management platform is appropriately named Community Manager because it mimics the important role a community manager has in maintaining and managing a community. Community Manager is a web-based software that integrates with popular property management, customer relationship management, and other third-party software so all resident and access data can be easily transferred and managed from one robust platform.

We have also developed Community Manager Mobile, a native mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) so operators can manage work orders, control access and move residents in/out while on the go.

  • Manage resident and prospect data in one platform
  • Integrate with your existing property management system
  • Send lock code reset for resident lockouts
  • Grant access codes for vendors and maintenance staff
  • Actionable data and reporting tools
  • Communities


  • Devices Installed


  • SmartRent Users


Gate and Amenity Entry

Our access control solution empowers property managers with the technology to monitor entry gates and community access points using a variety of hardware, like readers, Bluetooth-enabled locks, fobs and even video intercoms. Our cloud-based solution helps to ensure that only authorized residents and guests can access common areas and amenities, protecting the property and its residents.

Parking Management

Alloy Parking is our smart parking management solution that solves one of the most neglected parts of a property. Our stand-alone solution allows for parking space assignment, resident and guest parking management and enforcement processes through the use of sensor and long-range hub technology. Parking management is an often overlooked, but integral piece of creating a true smart home community.

Unit Access

The days of maintenance team members carrying around a bulky set of keys for unit access are over. Similarly, a smart lock on a unit door provides remote management capabilities for residents (an upgraded amenity offering) as well as the ability to offer self-guided tours once a resident moves out. Smart locks also eliminate the need to rekey a unit door when a resident moves out or gets locked out.

  • Asset Protection

    image of leaking water heaterimage of leaking water heaterimage of leaking water heaterimage of leaking water heater

    Asset Protection

    We offer a variety of sensors to ensure early detection and prevention of catastrophic events in a smart home community. For example, if a leak is detected, automatic notifications and alerts are sent to ensure quick action and safeguard against damage to avoid costly repairs.

  • Energy Saving Thermostats

    image of thermostat on a wallimage of thermostat on a wallimage of thermostat on a wallimage of thermostat on a wall

    Energy Saving Thermostats

    Smart thermostats increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly electricity bills for residents. When a resident moves out, property staff can remotely adjust temperature settings and set schedules for vacant units to keep energy usage and costs low.

  • Community WiFi

    image of router with Ethernet cablesimage of router with Ethernet cablesimage of router with Ethernet cablesimage of router with Ethernet cables

    Community WiFi

    Offering community WiFi allows properties to provide a seamless internet solution for their residents. There’s no need to partner with an external WiFi provider, because SmartRent allows you to have all your smart apartment solutions in one place.

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