The SmartRent Leadership Team

Decades of experience in property management & developing innovative technology

The SmartRent leadership team has the practical knowledge and background to provide property management teams with the best solution for implementing smart home technology in their communities.

Our Leadership Team

Multifamily community living creates a unique set of circumstances and the SmartRent leadership team has the industry experience to provide an actionable solution for property management pain points.

  • Photo of Lucas HaldemanPhoto of Lucas Haldeman

    Lucas Haldeman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Photo of Demetrios BarnesPhoto of Demetrios Barnes

    Demetrios Barnes

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Photo of Mitch KarrenPhoto of Mitch Karren

    Mitch Karren

    Chief Product Officer

  • Photo of Isaiah DeRose-WilsonPhoto of Isaiah DeRose-Wilson

    Isaiah DeRose-Wilson

    Chief Technology Officer

  • CJ Edmonds, Chief Revenue Officer for SmartRentCJ Edmonds, Chief Revenue Officer for SmartRent

    CJ Edmonds

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Photo of Heather AuerPhoto of Heather Auer

    Heather Auer

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Photo of Brian RobertsPhoto of Brian Roberts

    Brian Roberts

    Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

  • Hiroshi Okamoto PortraitHiroshi Okamoto Portrait

    Hiroshi Okamoto

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Robyn Young PortraitRobyn Young Portrait

    Robyn Young

    Chief Marketing Officer