Smart Intercom Systems for Apartments

The right intercom system creates a safer, more convenient experience for your residents and instantly shows visitors your community is tech-savvy. Intercoms also eliminate the need for on-site staff to buzz in visitors by allowing you to remotely manage access and monitor community access logs.

Improve safety, convenience, and operations with the right intercom system

Improved security

Allow residents to confirm the identity of any guests requesting access to the community.

Leasing automations

Enable automated move-in and move-out by updating the intercom directory—without any labor from your team.

Audit trails

Automatically log every intercom interaction so you can review them later to see what’s happening in your community.

Available smart intercom systems from SmartRentAvailable smart intercom systems from SmartRent

What are the best features to look for in an apartment intercom system?

Smart intercom systems minimize installation expenses and allow residents and staff to open doors remotely. Consider video intercom systems that integrate with your current resident app and PMS.

Video vs. audio only

Added security and convenience

While audio-only intercom systems can be cheaper, video intercoms are becoming more common—and expected. Residents, who are the only ones able to see the one-way video, can safely confirm the identity of the person trying to get in. Video intercoms also act like extra security cameras, deterring vandalism and trespassing.

Remote access

Convenience for all

Residents can receive intercom calls and let in guests, vendors, and locked-out housemates from anywhere in the world—right from their smartphones. Meanwhile, prospects using the SmartRent Self-Guided Tour experience can enter a PIN code on the intercom’s keypad to gain access.

Integrations & app

Compatibility with existing proptech

Look for an intercom that works with your existing resident app, like the SmartRent app. Residents will appreciate the ability to receive notifications and buzz people in from their phones—without having to download yet another app. Meanwhile, an intercom that plays well with the systems you already use promotes high adoption and time-saving automations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most intercom devices cost between $1,000–$7,000. Other costs vary greatly depending on the system you choose. Installation costs depend on whether you mount it flush against a surface or on its own pedestal. Your provider will charge a monthly service fee, which may vary depending on whether you have a video or audio-only intercom. (SmartRent’s price is the same either way.)

There are three main kinds of intercom systems for apartments and condos:

  • Ethernet intercom systems are highly reliable and feature-rich and use a wired internet connection for data transmission.
  • WiFi intercom systems require only power wiring and depend on a reliable internet connection. We generally don’t recommend these systems because wireless signals are often not reliable enough for dependable access control.
  • Telephone entry systems use a traditional landline connection to call your residents on their cell phones or landlines. These intercom systems are audio-only.

Some buildings have legacy wired intercom systems that require running wires to speakers in every single apartment, but you likely won’t see this option for new installs.

Video intercoms are becoming more common these days thanks to advancements in computing and imaging technologies. People are more accustomed to being able to see the person on the other end of the line, so audio-only intercoms now feel outdated in modern communities.

A 2-way push-to-talk intercom is a legacy intercom system that includes a device built into each apartment, usually mounted on a wall. The resident can push a button to talk to the person waiting at your community’s entrance. These types of systems are becoming less common because they require wiring run to every apartment, which is expensive to install and maintain.

There’s little difference between door and gate intercoms apart from their location. All SmartRent intercoms are completely weatherproof, so you can use them at any door or gate.

Alloy SmartHome

Hardware designed for smart communities

Our in-house smart home equipment does it all. Build the perfect smart apartments with Alloy hubs, thermostats, and sensors. Fully integrate them with the proptech you already use, and control everything with a single app.

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More compatibility, more integrations

SmartRent has more seamless integrations than any other multifamily technology brand. That means more convenience and features, whether you’re building smart communities from the ground up or retrofitting older technology.

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