Salto XS4

Salto XS4 Lock on a doorSalto XS4 Lock on a door

Salto XS4


The XS4 by Salto electronic lock works with most mortise locks and is designed to fit most standard doors. These locks provide a wire-free lock configuration with no hard wiring required. The XS4 is a typical sized locking solution, providing an option for most standard doors.

  • Door Thickness

    From 32 (1-3 ⁄8") up to 120 mm (4-¾").

  • Dimensions

    290mm (11-27⁄64") x 67mm (2-5 ⁄8") x 20mm (25⁄32")

  • Handle Rotation


  • Distance from Handle to Cylinder

    61mm (2-13⁄32"), 62mm (2-7 ⁄16") and 63mm (2-1 ⁄2").

  • Compatibility

    • ANSI standard mortise locks tubular
    • latch mortise locks