Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

Ring Alarm Contact SensorRing Alarm Contact Sensor

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor


Ring Alarm Contact Sensors easily mount to any door or window frame in your home for easy, DIY installation. Connect them to your Ring Alarm Base Station and receive mobile alerts from the Ring app whenever your doors or windows open. You’ll always be the first to know when something’s ajar.

  • Power Supply

    2 CR2032 Coin cell batteries

  • Operating Temperature

    32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)

  • Dimensions

    1.56 X 2.09 X 0.55 (inches)

  • Connectivity

    Z-Wave (250-foot range to Base Station open air, line of sight)

  • Battery Life

    Uses two CR2032 batteries, included, which may last up to 3 years depending on usage. Cold temperatures may drain battery life faster.

  • Warranty

    1 year limited warranty

  • Operating Conditions

    Indoor Use

  • Mounting

    Mounts to doors and windows

  • Maximum Distance Between Magnet and Sensor

    1 inch. Leave 1/2" space on non-magnet side to access battery compartment.

  • Setup Requirements

    Ring Alarm Kit

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor