What is an
Access Control System?

In its simplest form, the term “access control” refers to a centralized system that uses a combination of hardware and software to manage, maintain and control authorization of entry points for people or vehicles.

Building Access
Control System

Access control can be used to protect property, employees and other assets. Most systems are composed of centralized control panels, door readers, gate openers, intercoms and commercial grade wireless locks.

Traditional systems are designed and deployed in an on-premise configuration, which means it's managed completely on-site with no connection to the internet. This setup requires heavy upfront investment of networking equipment and computers, but more importantly, it doesn’t allow for remote administration or control.

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Access Control

Access control systems are now beginning to migrate into a cloud-based system.

This removes the need for expensive on-site networking equipment and allows facility managers to administer the system from an internet-connected device. A facility manager who oversees multiple properties can remotely grant access to a trusted vendor to perform work without the need to meet them in person. Similarly, occupants of buildings that utilize this type of system can benefit from the same remote access features.

Alloy Access

Alloy Access

Alloy Access is a cloud-based access control solution that enables property management companies to address their current needs while ensuring scalability for the future.

Alloy Access has been developed in house by SmartRent to offer a seamless experience from perimeter locations to common areas and unit locks. Combining Alloy Access with our core smart apartment solution provides customers with the most comprehensive and complete ecosystem of connection products.

User Record Management

Historically, user record management has been a painful process, requiring property staff to physically access a desktop computer in a network room in order to add or remove a single resident credential.

The convenience of cloud-based user record administration results from the integration with back-end property management systems, driving increases in operational efficiency and enabling your organization to save money and resources.

As the only multifamily home automation vendor to provide integrations with all four major property management softwares, we streamline the resident move-in and move-out access credential process so that only current residents, staff and authorized visitors have access to the property. There’s no need to collect fobs or keys: former residents and staff are automatically removed from the system when you terminate staff or a lease.

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Access Types
& Credentials

With Alloy Access, you have the ability to choose between various methods of entry.

While you are still able to use traditional fobs, we also offer solutions for keyless entry, such as pin codes and mobile credentials, so you can control how residents and visitors access perimeter doors, amenities and apartments. You can add and revoke credentials from our mobile app, monitor visitor logs and receive alerts when doors are propped open.

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Easily Grant
Visitor Access

There has been a dramatic shift in the volume of visitors to multifamily properties.

Package and food delivery, on-demand services and even prospects conducting self-guided tours has caused an influx of visitors needing access. When it comes to visitors on property, you want to manage how they’re entering to ensure the safety for everyone involved. From guests to vendors, property management and residents can better ensure only authorized visitors are on property.

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Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided tours allow prospective residents to tour the property on their own time, which has been shown to increase lease conversions.

An access control system allows properties to implement a process to offer self-guided tours of the property, amenity spaces and units without the need to have a leasing agent present.

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Our access control system consists of multiple hardware devices, enabling you to better control each entry door and amenity.

From card readers, to intercoms, to long range readers, each piece of hardware provides an additional layer of access control.

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