• Fast and Easy by Design

    Our simple task management tool helps contractors install home automation systems quickly and effortlessly.

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    Screenshot of mobile task system Screenshot of desktop task system
  • Installer app pairing with smart devices

    Seamless Pairing

    Leveraging Z-wave and SmartStart technology, our device provisioning process is all handled at our factory so installations are literally plug and play!

  • Installer Quality Assurance

    Quality Results

    The end user experience is in our core so ensuring the system is implemented properly is of utmost important.

North American Expansion

Our rapid expansion is the result of our deeply rooted passion for home automation and dedication to bringing the very best in new technology to our Multi-family clients' communities. Like you, we have a strong desire to expand and increase home automation usage.

Map of SmartRent markets

As we expand, we are looking for talented individuals to join our field operations team and local contractors to help us mass deploy home automation systems in apartment communities across the country. Fill out the form if you are interested in helping revolutionize the smart apartment industry!