What is SmartRent?

SmartRent is an enterprise home automation company developing software and hardware to help owners, property managers and renters in multifamily communities. We create multifamily technology solutions that provide property owners and managers a platform to better monitor and protect their assets, and create operational efficiencies all while driving ancillary revenue.

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Residents of SmartRent communities use our mobile app to control their smart home connected devices from anywhere in the world. They can change the thermostat temperature, manage keyless credentials, turn lights on or off and more, all from one easy-to-use app.

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By providing one centralized application for multifamily communities to manage smart devices, we hope to make smart home automation accessible and easy for everyone.

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The History of SmartRent

SmartRent is designed to fill a void the multifamily housing industry. With popularity growing in voice activated systems, smart thermostats and other home automation devices, multifamily communities lack a way to appeal to renters that demand smart device connectivity in their rental homes. The housing rental industry needed a combined enterprise and consumer solution, which most IoT platforms and products did not support. This is where we saw an opportunity.

Prior to launching in the multifamily apartment space, we built a home automation platform for single family rentals. From 2014-16, we successfully launched in over 25,000 homes spanning across 15 different states. We were able to test the performance of many different smart locks, thermostats, lighting and sensors, as well as tweak and perfect the platform to properly handle the concept of dual ownership: where a resident directly controls the smart devices within their home, but the property manager can still monitor system health and administer access credentials. After three years of iteration and product innovation, we re-launched our platform in early 2017 with a heightened focus on multifamily communities.

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Built From Experience

The SmartRent leadership team has spent over four decades building property management software and/or managing, leasing and servicing properties and portfolios, so we know the industry and its pain points. Our vast experience in the property management industry has led us to create a platform that empowers its users. We aim to give multifamily property managers a way to be more efficient in their daily tasks and to help renters have the best experience possible.

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The SmartRent Difference

SmartRent is different than other multifamily smart home software platforms in that we handle the entire onboarding process ourselves. Everything from preparing the property for setup to the actual installation, training and ongoing support is handled by a SmartRent team member. Our goal is to make smart home automation upgrades as easy as possible so you can get back to supporting your residents.

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