What is SmartRent?

From humble beginnings to category-leading in the residential industry

SmartRent is a smart home automation solution provider. Our proprietary software integrates with third-party hardware and other software vendors to provide users with one platform to efficiently manage and remotely control IoT connected devices in a home or building.

Founded in 2017, SmartRent is an enterprise smart home and smart building technology platform providing solutions for rental property owners, managers and residents, as well as homebuilders and developers. SmartRent's solutions are designed to provide communities with seamless visibility and control over assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control offerings for residents.

The SmartRent Story

Prior to SmartRent’s launch, the co-founders of SmartRent built a similar home automation platform for single family rentals that successfully launched in over 25,000 homes spanning across 15 states. They were able to test the performance of many different types of IoT devices and perfect the platform to properly handle the concept of dual smart home management: where a renter directly controls the smart devices within their own home, but a property manager can remotely monitor its overall health, receive alerts on time-sensitive requests, and administer access credentials for work orders.

After years of platform iterations and a lot of innovation, SmartRent has been able to expand product offerings, platform integrations, hardware partners as well as the industries we serve. Our rapid expansion is the result of our deeply-rooted passion for leveraging technology to solve problems caused by inefficient processes, and our dedication to providing the very best solutions to help our customers’ communities thrive.

Join Our Growing Team

SmartRent is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in  working for a forward thinking, innovative company, check out our open job listings.

a few SmartRent team membersa few SmartRent team members

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