12.1.18 Chelsea Wolff

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4 Ways to Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform

As a property manager, one of the big advantages of bringing a smart apartment platform on board is that you can easily manage vacant properties remotely, meaning less commute time for you, and no pressure to be in two places at once. This is especially helpful if you manage multiple properties, however, it can also be advantageous for any manager or owner who simply prefers not to be tied down with day to day minutiae and focus on the big picture items for their rental business.


8.21.17 Chelsea Wolff

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Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Moving Into a Smart Apartment

Moving into a smart apartment is an exciting milestone for [many reasons], chief among them being that your brain will be significantly less burdened with mundane household tasks. But before putting pen to paper on a lease...


6.4.17 Chelsea Wolff

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Why Should Multifamily Owners Care About Making Apartments Smart?

As more millennials opt to rent longer in lieu of settling down with a mortgage, the advantages of embracing the best parts of smart home technology have become starkly obvious to property owners in many cities across America.


4.1.16 Chelsea Wolff


Four Reasons to Live in a Smart Apartment

From Alexa to Nest to Philips Hue, most smart home device ads seem to be speaking to all stripes of property owners: busy families in the suburbs with lots of groceries to buy from Amazon, working professionals with not enough hours in the day to think about home maintenance, vacation rental hosts managing their properties remotely.