4 Ways To Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform

4 Ways To Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform4 Ways To Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform4 Ways To Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform4 Ways To Manage Properties Remotely with a Smart Device Platform

As a property manager, one of the big advantages of bringing a smart apartment platform on board is that you can easily manage vacant properties remotely, meaning less commute time for you, and no pressure to be in two places at once. This is especially helpful if you manage multiple properties, however, it can also be advantageous for any manager or owner who simply prefers not to be tied down with day to day minutiae and focus on the big picture items for their rental business.

As real estate industry veterans who have felt some of these pain points ourselves, today we’d like to share four of the many ways in which smart devices can become a total lifesaver for you and your property management team. These small but impactful smart device platform services that go the extra mile in the eyes of temporary visitors, renters, as well as any third party contractor you employ to help maintain the property.

1. Grant access to potential residents, vacation renters or contractors remotely with smart locks

After vetting potential tenants or vacation renters, the use of smart locks will allow you to grant access to temporary visitors or contractors without having to put a wrench in your schedule. Going keyless with a smart device platform leads to less stress for both you and the visitor, and you can easily change out the credentials when the visitor or contractor is finished with the apartment.

2. Shift thermostat to an optimal temperature ahead of visitor arrival

There is nothing worse than arriving in an empty apartment that is insanely hot or insanely cold. Being able to automate or control the thermostat in each rental unit remotely with a smart device platform accessible from your phone will enable you to adjust the temperature so the environment will be just right by the time your guests enter the property.

3. Set up an easy online payment system for rent and repair reimbursement

Despite all the recent progress in the FinTech industry, may landlords and tenants still struggle to arrive upon a standardized system for digital payments. If you are a remote property operator, the struggle to collect rent or reimburse residents for repair costs only multiplies. With a streamlined smart device platform, you can easily integrate a digital payment system that is compliant and compatible with many types of banks. Your tenants and guests will appreciate the convenience, and you won’t have to watch your mailbox like a hawk for lost checks.

4. Automate and control your irrigation system to keep your lawn and garden landscape thriving

Maintaining your building’s landscape from afar can be difficult, but keeping things green becomes infinitely easier when you can control sprinklers from your phone. Setting up a customized watering schedule each season will help you keep your property looking pristine and keep renters and visitors happy.

If you’re interested in upgrading your properties with a smart device platform, contact SmartRent to get started!