5 Ways SmartRent UK is Revolutionising Smart Home Tech

By: Amelia Woolard

At SmartRent UK, we are swiftly becoming the go-to PropTech provider. At SmartRent UK, we are swiftly becoming the go-to PropTech provider. At SmartRent UK, we are swiftly becoming the go-to PropTech provider. At SmartRent UK, we are swiftly becoming the go-to PropTech provider.

“Smart home technology” is the buzzword of 2021, and here at SmartRent UK, we are swiftly becoming the go-to provider for next-generation PropTech that makes life easier for owners, managers and residents alike. Established in the United States in 2017, SmartRent now has a well-established market in the United Kingdom. Here are four things to know about us and what we’re doing to enhance Build to Rent developments, holiday parks, and social housing.

We offer smart home capabilities that used to be limited to traditional homeownership.

Think that only homeowners can enjoy smart tech? Think again! SmartRent brings exciting smart home technologies to the build-to-rent landscape. Our innovative platform offers complete community-wide access control through seamless keyless experiences; asset protection using a variety of smart sensors that send alerts and notifications; and property optimisation utilising automation and scheduling features. In other words, we make it easy for you to offer cutting-edge smart home tech to the residents in your housing asset – all from one platform.

We deliver revenue-boosting benefits to property owners.

So, renters love us, but what about property management companies? When it comes to SmartRent’s reputation with noted housing providers, we enjoy a customer retention ratio of 100 percent, and our solution is used by 15 of the top 20 multifamily companies in the United States. When you use SmartRent, you’ll find it easier to:

  • Attract and retain residents

  • Increase revenue with higher rent premiums

  • Save money on costly utilities

  • Improve staff efficiency

  • Detect potential problems early

We’re actively expanding our portfolio to include the UK’s best housing assets.

The UK is home to an impressive number of sought-after housing assets, and SmartRent is on a mission to partner with every last one of them. Currently, our portfolio includes luxury properties in London, multi-building BTR communities with thousands of apartments in the estate, and Single Family Rental homes up and down the country, with more desirable assets on the horizon.

We speak directly to the desires of tech-savvy residents.

We could tell you all about how today’s residents want smart home technology, but why not let the numbers do the talking instead? According to recent data:

  • 53% of consumers value technology more now, following COVID-19. (Parks Associates, 2021)

  • 57% of homes in Britain contain a smart device. (Smart Home Week, 2019)

We’re passionate about what we do – and always growing our team!

Internationally, SmartRent is home to hundreds of employees, and that number is growing larger by the day. In fact, the UK team has recently hired Alexander Graham as an Account Manager. Alex brings with him with 10 years of experience with true Student, The Nido Collection, Unite Students, and others. Alex is well versed in asset management, using his knowledge to build quality client relationships and achieve ambitious sales goals. He’s also a father of two (with a third on the way) and a big sports fan. Say hello to SmartRent UK’s newest team member on LinkedIn!

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