SmartRent Introduces Newest Resident App Feature: Custom Access Code Creation

By: Marissa Cohen

man outside building holding phone next to access readerman outside building holding phone next to access reader
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We are excited to introduce a new, highly-requested feature for residents of SmartRent-enabled properties. We had numerous requests for the ability to create custom access codes, and we are pleased to announce that this feature is now available!

With the 2.8.0 update, residents will be able to create their own custom access codes in the resident mobile app (available for both iOS and Android. This long-awaited feature allows residents to choose their own 4-digit or 6-digit code to access their unit. Previously, secure codes were generated by SmartRent software and residents were unable to choose their own.

While residents will enjoy this new feature, keep in mind that it will only function if enabled by each property’s organization. Additionally, users have to have the latest version of the app (2.8.0) in order to utilize this feature. If you are unable to set a custom access code in the app, please contact your property management team directly to see if they will enable the custom code feature. If you have questions about how this new feature works, check out our frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Enabling Custom Access Codes

Aside from being one of our most requested updates (yes, we heard you), there are numerous other benefits of enabling custom codes. Custom access codes are easier to remember, so you’re less likely to need to reset your code frequently. Allowing you to set your custom codes gives you more control over selecting your access credentials and helps you feel more secure in remembering your code.

Residents at many SmartRent-enabled properties have been inquiring about adding a custom code feature to the smart lock integration. As we develop new solutions, we aim to keep resident needs top of mind, which is why we are excited to provide users with this solution.

Ensure Your Code is Secure

It’s important to consider the safety of your home when choosing a new entry code. Furthermore, we advise that you never share your code with others. The SmartRent app can generate a secure code for guests, deliveries and visitors; the new custom code feature is intended solely for resident’s personal access code use. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your code and unit by keeping your code private.

SmartRent will not be held responsible if residents choose an insecure code. To help mitigate this risk, we strongly recommend using a secure code that is unlikely to be known by others. Avoid using commonly known sequences such as:

  • Your birthday

  • Anniversaries

  • Apartment number

  • Any part of your social security number

  • Any part of your phone number

  • Spelling out words with corresponding numbers (e.g., 4663 corresponding to home)

We are excited to be rolling out this new feature. We encourage residents to try out the new custom access code feature to see how they like it for themselves.