App Fatigue: What It Is and How SmartRent Eliminates It

By: Amelia Woolard

Smartphone owner uses his SmartRent app.Smartphone owner uses his SmartRent app.Smartphone owner uses his SmartRent app.Smartphone owner uses his SmartRent app.

Did you know that the average smartphone owner has 40 apps installed?

With 8.13 million apps available in the Google Play and Apple App stores, there are undoubtedly too many apps out there.

In addition to app availability, app fatigue is on the rise.

What is app fatigue? When you use more apps than is convenient, you experience app fatigue. When you discover that you can only get event tickets, a special discount, or access to a solution via an app, you experience app fatigue.

App fatigue is common in the housing industry. Providers often juggle several apps to manage different aspects of the community. These apps can include a property management system, along with various apps to manage security, smart home devices, and other functionalities.

App fatigue, while common, can be more than merely annoying. You'll find out why app fatigue is unwelcome and what smart technology can do about it in the next section.

App Fatigue Benefits No One

While app fatigue isn’t dangerous to one’s physical or mental health, there is no benefit to app fatigue. Here’s how students and housing managers experience the burden of app fatigue:

App usage among college students is lower than you'd expect

College students can easily feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of apps installed on their smartphones. While these young adults are digitally native and possess the know-how required to juggle different app usage, they still prefer to streamline their apps when possible.

Of all the apps installed on one’s phone, research from comScore finds that smartphone users spend nearly 85% of their app usage time in just five applications. That leaves dozens of apps mostly untouched by the smartphone owner.

Employees waste time when juggling multiple apps

Site teams’ quality of work declines with excessive app usage. Nearly 70% of workers spend up to an hour each day – or 32 days each year – simply navigating between various apps. Furthermore, this number does not include time spent training employees on how to use the apps.

When RingCentral asked employees how app consolidation would benefit them, they said that using one app over several would help them:

  • Achieve better workflow (67%)

  • Be more productive at work (65%)

  • Make work feel less chaotic (62%)

  • Make it easier to work remotely (61%)

Operators are frustrated at the lack of integrations

Real estate management apps had a banner year in 2021. According to SensorTower, the number of real estate management app downloads grew over 80% between January 2020 and June 2021.

As operators increasingly use management apps, they have found that they still need multiple apps to effectively manage their communities. Many smart home management apps do not work together, which exacerbates this problem. Using one app that encapsulates all others helps operators streamline their business and minimize digital clutter.

One App to Control Everything

SmartRent believes that smart home technology should simplify the living experience, not complicate it. Our platform delivers a best-in-class experience to residents and operators, no matter how many smart home products are installed in a given community.

SmartRent gives clients a seamless, intuitive experience by connecting third-party smart devices and property management systems to our own proprietary application. Control everything about your connected community with SmartRent, which offers an easy-to-use experience for both operators and residents.

A desktop-friendly management app

Instead of using multiple management apps, download one that controls everything. SmartRent allows for easy management of your student housing community with features that allow you to control everything, from move-ins and move-outs, to who’s accessing your community and when.

SmartRent also integrates with a variety of management software systems, allowing for easy transfer and management of resident data. With one robust platform, day-to-day operations become more efficient and app fatigue is eliminated.

A smartphone app created for residents

Why force students to download more apps than they need? The SmartRent app contains everything your college-aged resident needs to control their smart apartment.

With the touch of a button, students using our smart home ecosystem can:

The best part? All of this can be handled remotely using one app: SmartRent.

We’ll Show You How it Works

Your smart student community shouldn't rely on multiple apps to manage it. There is a better solution. With SmartRent, time-crunched operators and busy college students can manage everything about their smart apartments from their smartphones.

Let us show you how SmartRent can simplify operations at your community. Request a personalized demo today and discover how your portfolio can say goodbye to app fatigue with SmartRent.