Attracting Residents Amid the Pandemic: Smart Home Features that Sell

By: Marissa Cohen

Face masks and cellphone on desk Face masks and cellphone on desk Face masks and cellphone on desk Face masks and cellphone on desk

Even as more and more people become vaccinated, many are still cautious about where they go and who they come in contact with. However, a sense of community is still a value driver for residents. They are seeking to feel connected to the staff and neighbors, especially so during such isolating times. With many daily activities becoming contactless, what can property staff do to connect with their prospects and residents? There are several smart home solutions that property staff can use to enhance the leasing experience while still accounting for social distancing and prospective resident’s current comfort levels.

Alternative Tour Types: Self-Guided Tours and Virtual Tours

While many people may feel comfortable masking up and completing an in-person property tour, some prospects may feel better about an alternative tour type. Whether it's a virtual tour via your property’s website or a self-guided tour that can be completed without a leasing agent present, offering multiple tour types creates versatility and options for prospects. Furthermore, it ultimately shows the management team cares about resident’s health, safety and comfort.

Contactless Access

Another way that property staff can attract prospective residents is by providing them with contactless solutions. By enabling residents to unlock doors and elevators with bluetooth phone credentials or a key card, it eliminates the need for high-touch surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons. Whether it’s touch-less access control at doors and entry points, or smart elevator access, residents want to feel safe in the comfort of their communities.

Virtual Smart Home Resident Events

Many communities previously held monthly or even weekly social events for residents. However, over the last year many residents have missed the chance to connect with fellow residents as well as staff members.

Prospects that are searching for their next home are likely interested in connecting with new neighbors and community staff upon move-in. By offering Covid-friendly resident events, such as a virtual happy hours or online cooking classes, communities are able to unite existing and new residents alike.

The Smart Home Experience

With remote work here to stay, many Americans are now spending more and more time at home. This means comfort and convenience are absolute necessities, and smart home amenities provide just that.

Properties would be keen to consider providing smart home solutions that are becoming increasingly attractive to today’s renters. In fact, over 3 in 4 residents would be willing to pay more for smart home amenities (source).

As prospects are touring, they are able to experience firsthand the smart thermostats, locks and even smart lighting, all which can be controlled through a mobile app. This sets the scene for the prospect to visualize what it would be like to live in the community and use these smart devices daily.

Smart Home Solutions that Deliver

Even as restrictions begin to lift, property staff needs to find creative ways to build a sense of community and connect with residents. Implementing smart home technology is the opportunity to do just that. SmartRent is the preferred partner for communities that are looking to attract prospects during the pandemic and beyond.

Despite the challenges of a pandemic, attracting new residents is not only possible, but seamless. From self-guided tours, to contactless access and smart home devices, SmartRent can do it all in one intuitive platform.

Are you a regional property manager who’s interested in smart home technology for your community? Request a demo and let us show you all the ways SmartRent can connect your community.