The Benefits of SmartRent’s Self-Guided Tours Solution

By: Marissa Cohen

person entering a home with smart lock on the doorperson entering a home with smart lock on the door
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In today’s expanding multifamily real estate market, it’s imperative to provide an exceptional experience to prospective residents. Whether you’re a property manager, leasing agent or property owner, implementing a self-guided tours solution can enhance your property’s value, save your staff time and keep everyone a little more safe. Here are just some of the many benefits of implementing self-guided tours from SmartRent.

Save Time

The self-guided tour solution will save property managers time. SmartRent’s proprietary solution automates the entire qualification process so property staff don’t have to. It also helps speed up the application process should a prospective renter choose to apply.

Prospective renters can view and select a unit to tour from the property’s website and choose to tour immediately or schedule a date and time to view the property. Once a tour has been scheduled, prospects will be asked to enter their phone number to begin the qualification process. Prospects will then receive a text with a code in order to verify their phone number. After a prospect verifies their phone number, they will be prompted to upload a photo of their driver license and a selfie for comparison. If qualified, an access code will be issued to the prospect so they can self-tour the property. After completing the self-guided tour, residents are prompted to fill out an application. This leads to an increase in same-day leases because prospects are able to privately work through their decision-making conversations in real time.

Faster Leasing

Though leasing agents cannot be in more than one place at a time, with self-guided tours, multiple tours can occur simultaneously. Self-guided tours reduce wait times for prospects because they don’t have to wait for a leasing agent to be available to complete a tour. This leads to more prospects, faster leasing and fewer vacant units, resulting in increased revenue and operational efficiency without the need to hire additional staff. Offering self-guided tours is an efficient way to keep the prospective renter engaged in your community and turn a lead into a lease.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Without the hassle of constant daily tours, property managers and leasing agents are free to spend their time on what matters most.

The goal of our self-guided touring solution is to allow leasing staff the flexibility to complete other tasks while tours are occurring independently. Whether it’s fielding current resident requests, following up on renewals and lease applications or being available to staff and maintenance around the property, self-guided tours create freedom in your schedule.

SmartRent integrates with the four major property management systems, so prospects can be managed easily from one platform. With prospect information, unit pricing and availability all in one system, it makes it simple for property management staff to stay on top of leads.

Stand Out from the Competition

By allowing prospective renters to tour on their own time, even if it’s outside of regular office hours, you have an edge up on your competition. According to research, 86% of self-guided tours result in a lease over agent-led tours. Neighboring properties may not provide flexible hours or offer a self-guided tour solution, which makes it an easy differentiator. In a world of endless rental options, providing convenience and flexibility to prospective residents gives your property a competitive advantage.

A Customizable Experience

SmartRent’s self-guided tours solution is customizable to meet the needs of your unique community. Provide prospective residents with the information they need to make the best decision about your property. Allow them to experience the amenities you offer, such as a fitness center, clubhouse, laundry room, pool or business center. Show off all the property has to offer to allow prospects to get the full experience of what living at your property would be like.

SmartRent offers a completely unique experience in that we’re not an ILS, so competitor properties will not be shown. Our innovative technology allows for self-guided touring to be accessible through property management system integrations, keeping your prospect records in one organized space.

Self-guided tours are clearly a beneficial solution for not just multifamily properties, but all rental properties to save time while increasing their operational efficiency and beating out the competition. Contact us to learn how you can implement the SmartRent self-guided tours solution in your community.