The Benefits of Smart Package Rooms

By: Abby Quillen

courier checks a package before delivering to package roomcourier checks a package before delivering to package roomcourier checks a package before delivering to package roomcourier checks a package before delivering to package room

Are packages piling up in your multifamily community? You’re not alone. With e-commerce trending upward, many communities have seen a significant uptick in packages.

When traditional package-management solutions can’t keep pace with this influx, everyone feels the strain. Site teams may spend a considerable amount of their time handling packages. Owners and operators may see their labor costs rise. Residents may grow frustrated with delayed notifications or lost packages. And couriers may struggle to deal with ineffective systems.

Smart package rooms offer a solution for all parties involved.

Smart package rooms use smart technology to streamline the package-management process. They feature an access-control system and video surveillance to ensure security. Easy-to-use kiosks make it simple for couriers and residents to deliver and pick up packages without help. And advanced technology automatically tracks deliveries and notifies residents.

Smart Package Room®, SmartRent’s solution, demonstrates the significant benefits smart package rooms offer for owners and operators, site teams, couriers, and residents.

For owners and operators

Space optimization

The open-shelving concept in Smart Package Room allows couriers to store more packages in a smaller space. For example, in one installation SmartRent transformed two rows of smart lockers into a Smart Package Room and increased the space’s capacity from 100 to 360 standard-sized packages.

Cost efficiency

A smart package room uses an existing room, so it may have lower upfront costs than other solutions. The Smart Package Room installation in the above example cost roughly 20% less than the locker installation. 

Organizational efficiency

Smart Package Room offers a hands-off solution for your site teams. It frees employees to focus on their primary responsibilities of helping residents and leasing homes. 

In a 2020 survey of Multifamily Industry Leaders by J Turner Research, 14% of on-site personnel listed package management as one of their top three challenges. With package management off site teams’ to-do lists, they may experience increased job satisfaction—and a bump in productivity.

Lower liability

Smart Package Room assigns unique access codes to couriers and residents. Couriers must scan an RFID card or enter a PIN to deliver packages, and residents must scan a QR code or enter a PIN to unlock the room. Smart Package Room also has 24/7 video surveillance. These features keep Smart Package Room secure, minimizing your liability for package loss and theft.

For site teams

Better courier adoption

Couriers can access Smart Package Room without assistance, and the kiosks are easy to use. That means couriers are likelier to adopt the solution and less likely to leave packages with site teams.

Higher storage capacity

Smart Package Room can provide 2–3 times the package capacity as lockers in the same space. Plus, it provides storage for packages of any size and type. With Smart Package Room, site teams usually don’t need to worry about overflow package management.

Automated notifications

Site teams don’t need to notify or follow up with residents because Smart Package Room automatically notifies residents when a package arrives. Instant automated messages reduce the time packages sit on shelves.

Less clutter

Smart Package Room is a customizable solution that offers plenty of storage for the volume of packages a community receives. It helps keep lobbies and offices cleaner, creating more organized workspaces for on-site personnel.

For residents

Convenient, contactless package pickup

Smart Package Room is open 24/7, so residents can pick up packages when convenient.

Fast delivery times

A study by C+R Research found that 60% of people said they keep a close eye on delivery tracking. Smart Package Room sends an automatic notification the minute the courier delivers, so residents don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

Secure package storage

According to the C+R Research study, 14% of Americans have dealt with package theft. Smart Package Room is secure and monitored around the clock by video surveillance to relieve any concerns about theft.

No-cost package management

Smart Package Room is usually a complimentary amenity for residents and doesn’t require signup or fees.

For couriers

Centralized delivery location

Couriers don’t need to go door to door or track down a site team member. They simply deliver packages to the Smart Package Room.

User-friendly check-in system

Couriers can use the kiosk outside the Smart Package Room to deliver one to three packages. If they have more than three packages to deliver, they can use the handheld kiosk inside the room to check in multiple packages.

Quick delivery

On average, it takes couriers 15 seconds to check in a package and put it on a shelf. They don’t need to hunt for a right-sized bin or locker, and the system automatically detects the package and its location.

After-hours drop-offs

Leasing hours don’t need to get in the way of on-time deliveries. Couriers can access Smart Package Room at any time.


From streamlined package management to ironclad security, smart package rooms significantly benefit owners and operators, site teams, residents, and couriers. Learn more about how Smart Package Room can help you create a better package-management experience for your community.