A Day in the Life of a Property Manager: How Smart Technology Improves Efficiency

By: Marissa Cohen

Today, property managers are expected to host property tours, manage resident requests, coordinate visits from vendors, deliveries and assist maintenance teams with service requests. That’s why so many property managers have turned to smart technology and automation to make their work easier and more efficient. SmartRent is a leading provider in automated IoT systems for multifamily and student housing managers. Learn about three smart technology solutions for property managers.

Self-Guided Tours

Leasing is always a top priority for property managers and leasing agents. As such, they are constantly walking away from their desks to host tours for prospective residents. However, by utilizing smart technology such as self-guided tours , property teams can reach more prospects because self-guided tours and traditional tours can occur simultaneously. Thus, site staff is maximizing the number of tours and converting more leads to leases.

MC Companies, a nationally recognized multifamily real estate investment company, increased their tour count by 8-12 additional tours per week at a single property.

Furthermore, site staff can increase their showing hours outside of normal working hours. The extended hours allow for a more convenient touring experience. In fact, according to SmartRent’s historical data, 13% of all scheduled tours occurred after hours. As a result, properties could have missed out on over 75,000 tours without the help of self-guided tours.

Access Control

Property managers are often providing direction for a constant influx of vendors, deliveries, and visitors. However, implementing access control within a smart technology automation platform enables guests and vendors to use one-time or recurring access codes to let themselves into the building, saving site teams time and allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks.

Smart Technology that Alleviates Parking Pain

For many site teams, parking has become an unnecessary stressful and complex task due to outdated practices for enforcement and parking assignment. Many properties struggle to gather a true sense of their parking inventory and manage enforcement processes.

Fortunately, smart parking is another piece of the smart technology puzzle. It improves parking enforcement by providing a single source of truth for parking inventory, making it simple for property managers to assign parking spots to residents and allocate guest parking. Moreover, users can easily access parking reports and enforce policies with smart sensors to alert staff of unauthorized parking.

One Smart Technology Platform that Does it All

You may be wondering, is it possible? One platform that does it all?

Yep! No more switching from app to app, SmartRent has all your smart apartment technology solutions in one platform. Access self-guided tours, access control, smart parking and up to date reporting, all in one streamlined application. Better yet, SmartRent clients can integrate with the most popular property management systems.

Lastly, smart technology automates the move-in and move-out process, so there’s no need to rekey a door when you can simply automate the smart lock to reset upon a resident’s move out event. It’s as simple as that!

Ready to Improve Efficiency?

Everything we do here at SmartRent is guided by our goal of making a property management team more efficient and providing the ultimate resident experience for communities.If you’re interested in saving time (and who isn’t?), we’d love to speak with you about how we can help to improve efficiency for your property management teams. Contact us here to request a demo or receive pricing.