Why Managed WiFi is Student Housing’s Ultimate Amenity

By: Amelia Woolard

Managed WiFi amenity for student housing communitiesManaged WiFi amenity for student housing communities
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John Chambers once said, “There are two equalizers in life: the Internet and education.” Today, the former Cisco CEO might be surprised at how closely linked these entities are.

It is virtually impossible to get a college degree in 2021 without the Internet. So, it only makes sense that student housing communities equip their residents with WiFi. In fact, more than one-quarter of college-aged residents say that Internet connectivity is their top apartment amenity. It even ranks ahead of garages or secure parking.

A managed WiFi system takes connectivity one step further. Cloud-managed WiFi reinforces an existing cellular and Internet connection, making access more convenient.

Keep scrolling to discover why managed WiFi is a game-changer in student housing. And, don’t forget to schedule a complimentary demo for more information about this essential amenity.

Online classes are here to stay

In 2020, colleges and universities had no choice but to embrace online learning. In 2021, many wonder whether online classes still have a place in higher education.

The simple answer is yes. According to a survey conducted in early 2021, 73% of students "somewhat" or "strongly" agree that they would like to take online courses in the future. The same study finds that 68% of students would enroll in a hybrid model, taking both in-person and online courses.

What’s more is, 57% of students say that they now feel more optimistic about online learning than they did before the pandemic. This is good news for the institutions that have implemented online courses for Fall 2021, including the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Students spend their free time online

Students don’t spend all their time studying, but they do spend a large part of it online. Here are a few statistics that illustrate how college-aged Gen Z students depend on the Internet for work and play:

Did we mention that the average American also has access to more than 10 connected devices? Considering how often these young adults consume online content, it’s clear to see why managed wireless services are a crucial amenity.

Managed WiFi providers strengthen a community’s existing Internet and cellular connection, allowing for increased efficiency of smart home devices and other tools. Additionally, because SmartRent's solution is scalable, operators can allow students to connect in common areas or use it as the main source of connectivity.

Managed WiFi boosts resident satisfaction

What’s worse than a slow Internet connection? One that won’t function at all! Internet outages are a huge concern for communities where college students are going online at record rates. Often, they’re even extending their use across multiple devices.

66% of college-aged Gen Z uses more than one Internet-connected device at the same time. This can lead to service interruptions, should your network buckle under the weight of this activity.

Gen Z also loves to stream video, spending roughly 23 hours per week with video streaming platforms. In fact, only 45% of Gen Z watches cable television, meaning that services like Netflix and HBO Max make up the difference. All of this streaming puts major strain on your community WiFi network.

With managed wireless support, students are less likely to experience outages or slow buffer speeds when watching a virtual lecture or beloved sitcom. Plus, perks such as 24/7 security and uptime monitoring and remote troubleshooting make your community a more accommodating and safe place for students to live.

A sturdy Internet connection is a must-have for today’s student housing communities. Yet, establishing WiFi on-site is not enough to supply the rock-solid connectivity that college students need. The benefits of managed WiFi include increased convenience and reliability – two things collegiate residents want. Discover how SmartRent makes your community a better-connected place to live when you schedule a personalized demo.