2023’s Most Searched-for Smart Home Technologies: What They Are and What They Mean for the Multifamily Housing Space

By: SmartRent Staff

Most Popular IoT Devices by State Map VisualMost Popular IoT Devices by State Map Visual
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Which smart-home technologies are Americans most interested in? And how do their evolving interests shape trends in multifamily communities? To answer these questions SmartRent examined internet search data in every U.S. state. This data can help property operators understand—and respond to—the wants and needs of their residents.

Smart tech search trends in the last 90 days

Smart tech search trends in the last 9 months

Our research led to the following insights:

  • Smart thermostats and smart lighting devices are the most in-demand. Smart thermostats and lighting were the most-desired tech in the past nine months, as well as in the past 90 days—a period that coincided with rising inflation, sharp increases in utility costs and more frequent record cold temperatures.

  • Unpredictable weather led to a spike in searches for leak-detection devices. Extreme weather has been a problem in many states, with storms battering California,the Southwest and South. This has led to more interest in leak-detection methods in states dealing with erratic weather.

  • Interest in smart access and smart community access technology is on the rise. Studies have shown that crime—especially violent crime, property theft and auto theft—increases by as much as 6% during spring and summer months. As the nation emerges from winter’s icy grip, there are several states where smart community access and smart home access are generating higher demand.

The bottom line

Smart-home technology is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Understanding the reasons why these technologies are in demand can help property owners and operators create more comfortable and secure living environments for their residents. As we look to the future, it's clear that smart-home technology will continue to play an important role in the multifamily housing space.