How to Use Parking Decals for Smart Parking Management

By: Marissa Cohen

parking decal for smart parking management systemparking decal for smart parking management systemparking decal for smart parking management systemparking decal for smart parking management system

Managing a community of hundreds of units can be challenging enough. Add in multiple residents per unit, with multiple vehicles and it only becomes more complicated. However, smart parking management is on the rise to help combat some of these difficulties and create ease for site staff.

Smart parking solutions provide real-time occupancy information, violation alerts and historical trends, which allow site staff to have a better grasp on their parking enforcement overall.

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What is a Parking Decal?

If you’re familiar with property management, you’ve probably encountered parking decals before. They are typically placed on either the front or back window of a vehicle and are used to identify resident vehicles, ensuring only authorized vehicles are parked on property.

This type of parking permit works by embedding an electronic component directly in the decal so that permitted vehicles are allowed to park, whilst unauthorized vehicles can be easily detected.

Parking decals may come in a variety of colors, materials and shapes. They are typically placed on the front or rear vehicle windows. Some decals may also be placed externally, such as on the vehicle’s bumper.

It only takes a quick scan of the QR code on the decal to ensure the proper vehicle is parked in the resident spot. SmartRent’s smart parking platform provides a property manager with a single source of truth, so parking reports are accurate and up to date.

Parking Decals Are Not Dead

As technology advances, parking decals remain a valuable piece of the smart parking solution. While decals have been around for some time, they are much more effective when used with smart parking technology.

Decals, when used in tandem with sensors, signs and parking software, are all part of an integrated parking management system. In order for a smart parking system to be fully effective, we recommend installing additional hardware, such as parking sensors to the system.

Parking Management Hardware

Aside from decals, many communities are using parking sensors for simpler enforcement. Parking sensors allow staff to know whether a parking spot is occupied or vacant without ever leaving their desk.

Combining smart parking software with parking decals and sensors simplifies parking enforcement by allowing site staff visibility into their current parking inventory. Solving an age-old problem by providing an accurate database for parking space inventory.

Easy Move-In and Move-Outs

Ask any property manager and they’ll tell you how cumbersome move-ins and move-outs can be. However SmartRent’s platform simplifies this process and enables site staff to revoke resident access and remove vehicle information from the database with one click upon move-out.

Moving a new resident in is just as easy. View all available parking spots, assign one to the  resident or allow them to select their preferred spot (if enabled by property) and distribute their decal. That’s all it takes!

Parking Enforcement Made Easier

In the end, parking enforcement doesn’t have to be such a challenge for site teams. By utilizing parking decals along with sensors and smart parking software, parking enforcement can be as simple as a click of a button.

SmartRent is a leading smart parking management company with a full ecosystem of smart building technology solutions that help owners and operators to reduce costs, increase revenue and increase efficiency.

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