SmartRent Community Manager App Available for Download

SmartRent's Community Manage mobile app screenSmartRent's Community Manage mobile app screen
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SmartRent is excited to announce the launch of its mobile app specifically designed for community managers and staff at SmartRent-enabled properties. The SmartRent Community Manager app (available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store is designed to equip site staff with the tools they need to efficiently manage their community’s units, access and work orders on the go. Users assigned to multiple properties will be able to select and transition between properties in the app, and access for work orders will be at your fingertips.

“Leasing and maintenance staff are on the go most hours of the day, whether conducting a tour or completing a work order, yet most of the tools they use are not mobile first or even mobile friendly,” said Mitch Karren, Chief Product Officer for SmartRent. “While our initial go-to-market solution was a very mobile friendly web application, we quickly iterated to provide a native, mobile first experience that will further enhance site staff’s ability to access units from their phone and complete day-to-day activities efficiently.”

Remote Multifamily Property Management

The SmartRent Community Manager app (SmartRent CM) provides multifamily property managers with smart solutions and tools needed to stay on top of urgent maintenance requests. An intuitive interface allows management and staff to easily view important property, access, work orders, unit and leasing information all from their phones or tablets.

This app was created to help simplify the remote work order creation process and aid staff in being more efficient in their daily tasks. With the CM app, you will be able to call or email residents directly, and depending on the status of the lease and the resident, you may also have access to additional options like Send Backup Code, Move In or Move Out and more.

Key Features of Community Manger App:

  • Community Selection: If you are assigned to multiple communities, you can easily toggle between them to manage a particular community’s work orders and units

  • Unit Management: Manage your occupied and vacant units, leases, unit-related work orders and resident information

  • Work Orders: Create, assign and complete work orders for one or multiple units

  • Single Sign On: Use Okta credentials to log into the app if your organization enables it

  • Automatic Sync: Move from the app to the web portal with ease knowing data is automatically sync’d

  • Leasing Management: Remote access to coordinate leases and resident move in/outs directly from the app

Feedback Helps Improve the App

This app is evolving as we gather feedback and requests for new features from users, so be sure to keep it up-to-date and let us know what you think! If you have feedback or feature requests, you can send those directly within the app or email [email protected]. We look forward to serving our SmartRent-enabled properties.

Please note, the SmartRent CM app is available to those running iOS 10.2 and Android 7+.