The Power of Connected Communities

By: SmartRent Staff

Connected communities are established when operators strategically implement smart home solutions and property technologies, and connect those devices and platforms to form a system controlled through a single dashboard.

For Example: When smart devices like thermostats, lighting, window blinds and plugs-ins are linked and managed through the same dashboard, they work in unison to deliver benefits beyond the individual capabilities of each device.

Through a singular management dashboard, operators gain valuable insights into the performance of their green initiatives and a more comprehensive picture of their overall energy consumption.

Convenience is Key

When more property technologies can be integrated under the same dashboard, their usage and efficacy increase dramatically if they are used and managed consistently. In the current climate, the level of user engagement with proptech hinges largely on convenience. The easier it is to engage with, the more it will be used. For today’s renters and on-site associates, that means the dashboard used to manage connected smart devices must live on their smartphone. Modern renters and multifamily team members expect to be able to manage their lives – and their jobs – through a mobile device.

As operators strive to maintain a connected community, it is vital that any additional proptech deployments also aggregate under the same dashboard, and not just for ease of use. That single source of information also pays dividends on the back end. It enables better reporting and analysis, empowering operators to pinpoint ideal product settings and train both associates and residents to optimize efficiency and mitigate risk.