How Water Leak Prevention Can Save Properties Thousands of Dollars in Damage

By: Marissa Cohen

Image of a kitchen faucet with running waterImage of a kitchen faucet with running water
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Water damage is the biggest threat to any home, which is why water leak prevention is so vital to multifamily operations. In fact, water damage is the largest source of insurance claims with 14,000 people experiencing water damage every day across the U.S. according to Water Damage Defense.

As any property manager understands, floods and water leaks are costly to repair. The resident(s) are put out by the nuisance and sometimes, leaks can even lead to larger problems such as mold or irreparable damage. The key to avoiding such damage, is being proactive about leak prevention.

Luckily, water leak prevention is simple and can avoid not only costly repairs but headaches for site staff and residents. In order to protect their largest assets against potential damage, many property management companies are turning to leak detection devices as a preventative measure.

Water Leak Prevention Shows Immediate ROI

Leak sensors are small, easy to install, and affordably priced. Furthermore, the ROI of installing leak sensors for water leak prevention speaks for itself. The consequences of a leak extend beyond the unit in which it occurs, as it can affect adjacent units located on the floors below.

According to SmartRent’s historical data, 43% of properties had some type of leak detected, which amounted to 6,430 affected floors if uncaught by leak detection software. However, leak detectors were able to prevent further damage by alerting staff immediately.

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Leak Prevention Hardware

SmartRent's leak sensors have multiple mounting options and a remote sensor probe that can monitor any water-related appliance. A hub connects SmartRent's leak sensors with the app, enabling seamless connectivity between the two.

How Do Water Leak Prevention Devices Work?

The water leak prevention system works by automatically notifying both the resident and site staff at the first sign of a water leak via the community manager and resident applications. This allows maintenance teams to act quickly and avoid thousands of dollars in potential damage.

The most common sources of water leaks are the kitchen and water heater. Due to their small size, leak detectors can be placed under any major water source. Properties can choose to add leak detectors underneath water heaters, sinks, washing machines, HVAC units or any combination of appliances.

Alongside water leak prevention, SmartRent’s platform also includes smart locks so maintenance staff can easily access the necessary unit to stop the water leak. Maintenance is given a temporary access code to enter the leaking unit and stop water damage in its tracks.

Being Proactive

In the end, the best way to prevent costly repairs is to prevent leaks before they occur. Properties can do this by ensuring they have regularly scheduled maintenance of appliances and by using SmartRent’s smart home platform with leak detection built in.

Your community could save thousands of dollars in damages by using smart leak sensors and the SmartRent platform. Contact us today for a no-cost demo.