What is a Smart Apartment?

man using iPad in apartmentman using iPad in apartment
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Innovative technology is everywhere around us. In our cars, at our workplaces, cities and now it even helps us in our homes. Smart home technology is opening up a new world of luxury amenities to renters and homeowners alike. With dozens of new smart technology options that residents can have at their fingertips, some may wonder how they ever lived without it. However, many people are still unsure: what is a smart apartment?

Automation Solutions

A smart apartment is usually comprised of at least a few pieces of technology. The most common are smart locks, allowing residents to go in and out with ease as well as monitor door activity; a smart thermostat, controlling the temperature at any given time no matter the proximity to your home; and smart lights, enabling residents to enjoy convenience of controlling all the lights in their home right from the couch or bed. Usually, these devices need to be connected in communication somehow, so a hub is another central element of most smart apartment installations. Other, less common pieces of smart technology include smart TVs, blinds, cameras and kitchen appliances.

The difference between a smart home and a smart apartment, however, is that the technology in a smart apartment is designed to be able to be reprogrammed frequently with the beginning and end of residents' leases. Smart apartments can also work with voice controllers that residents bring to the apartment such as Google Home and Amazon Echo units. Lastly, smart apartment technology needs to be versatile and simple enough to use for each person who decides to lease at the apartment property.

Benefits For Residents

Residents value the ease of comfort that comes with smart apartments as well as the feeling of security and peace. With the ability to see who comes and goes from their apartments at any time provides a sense of ease, while keyless door entry prevents a significant number of lockouts. Residents will see a drop in their heating and cooling bill with the use of the smart thermostat, and they enjoy coming home to a comfortable temperature without having to keep the heater or air conditioner on all day. With smart lights, residents can move easily about their homes while calling for the lights to turn on and off at their whim. Many will also enjoy programming several queues for a single command to do things such as open blinds, turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, and brew a pot of coffee all at once when you wake up in the morning.

A Preferred Amenity

Offering smart technology in an apartment property gives property owners a huge leg up on their competition. Many people rank smart home technology above pools and gyms as their preferred amenities. Smart home technology can be installed in new construction as well as retrofitted into apartments that are already built and being lived in. Not only will property owners see a rise in lease rates, but they can also experience a drop in operational costs and see better numbers for risk reduction as well.

What is a smart apartment? It can essentially be whatever the resident or the property owner wants it to be. With tons of smart technology on the market, homes can be made more efficient and comfortable in hundreds of ways by combining different types of smart technology. Residents can go about their daily tasks with much more ease than ever thought possible, and property owners can rest assured that their residents are getting one of the best luxuries on the market.

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