What’s Next in Proptech?

By: SmartRent Staff

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Operators who strive to gain a competitive edge through property technology (proptech) are always looking ahead for the next game-changing innovation.

When adopters get in early, they enjoy boosted NOI and property performance well before the rest of the industry catches up.

So, what’s on the horizon for proptech? The next big wave is already overtaking the industry in the form of centralization.

While centralization itself is more of a business model than technology, a well-executed centralization strategy must be supported by the right proptech that enables teams to do more with less.

  • Self-guided and virtual touring platforms alleviate much of the labor burden required of traditional leasing teams.

  • Cloud-based access controls enable centralized teams to offer the same real-time support to residents, maintenance crews, and vendors.

  • Mobile maintenance platforms help to create a streamlined workflow for service teams serving multiple properties or even entire markets.

Centralization is made possible only through solutions capable of absorbing many of the responsibilities typically performed by on-site teams.

With Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives gaining traction in the industry, another logical next step is detailed data collection and reporting tools that provide granular, actionable metrics showcasing property and portfolio performance. Connected smart devices, sensors and intelligent infrastructure components play a major role in energy reductions, but comprehensive ESG data platforms are still needed to create transparency, generate meaningful insights and identify gaps.